ZipSnip Cordless Cutter Review

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If you have ever struggled to open a hard plastic packaging you know how frustrating it can be. This won’t happen anymore. Introducing Zip Snip- it is an easy to use tool that can cut almost anything faster, easier and safer than scissors or knives. It is versatile and lightweight and perfect to make precise cuts to paper and to cut difficult plastic packaging.


How does ZipSnip Cordless Cutter work?
Thick material can be difficult to cut with scissors but with Zip Snip you can cut through thick material with ease. It can even cut cardboard, leather, rubber, wire, rope, carpet, vinyl flooring, and even metal with ease.

Scissors can get blunt easily but with Zip Snip it stays sharp. The Zip Snip has a specially designed self-sharpening blade that sharpens itself every time it spins. You can cut a metal can and still cut through fabric with razor sharpness.

Unlike ordinary scissors that can fray fabric the slicing action of the Zip Snip makes crisp clean edges without fray. Knives can be unsafe but with Zip Snip you can cut anything with effortlessly and safely. Other blades can damage your surface underneath but Zip Snip comes with a protective housing so it is safer for you and the surface below.

The Zip Snip also comes with a child safety lock for added safety. It is cordless for convenient cutting and rechargeable too. You can take it anywhere you want. You can even use it in your garden and in the garage. With Zip Snip you can cut large pieces into manageable pieces in seconds.

Zip Snip comes with a 2 year warranty. So don’t fight with plastic packaging ever again.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.ZipSnip Cordless
1 ZipSnip Cordless Cutting Tool



Reviews and Complaints
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