WorX Aerocart

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What is RX Aerocart?

WORX Aerocart is a 8-in-1 multifunction Wheelbarrow, Dolly and Cart that makes shifting heavy objects and loads easy. It can double up as a hand truck, dolly, extended dolly, bag holder, cylinder holder, rock lifter, flower pot carrier and trailer mover and more to minimize your work considerably.

How does Aerocart Work?, Features & Benefits

Strenuous work now a breeze

If you dread the times you have to move heavy loads in a wheelbarrow, switch over to WORX Aerocart. It’s a new lifter, carrier and mover that claims it features a highly advanced patented design that lightens your burden of moving heavy loads greatly. Wheelbarrows come with their own limitations and can’t distribute weight evenly. WORX Aerocart proclaims that it makes transferring even the heaviest and bulkiest of material incredibly effortless and simple unlike wheelbarrows, which it alleges also pose a risk of loss of balance and strain on the user. It has been designed in such a way that it’s easy to assemble so anyone can put it together within five minutes independently. In addition to that its size ensures that it can pass through doors and garden gates.


Makes your load 4 times lighter

It is an 8-in-1 lifter, carrier and mover that. WORX Aerocart guarantees utmost ease and comfort by making your load feel lighter by at least four times. It guarantees that you can expect a 200lb load feel as light as 17lb. It weighs about 39 pounds with its handles and wheels attached while its tub can hold material measuring up to 3 and 4 cubic feet. It promises to empower you with 400% more lifting capacity as compared to an ordinary wheelbarrow. It also boasts of a versatile lifting and moving work system that makes the mechanism of a wheelbarrow turn into a dolly and more.

The secret…

WORX Aerocart is provided with two extra-large balanced wheels instead of one that guarantee to lighten the strenuous load. Its tires are made of polypropylene and are soft. They can absorb shock and not provided with inner tube so they are flat free and don’t need to be inflated. Its wheels are at a gap of 23.5″ so they move along a standard truck-loading ramp easily.

Perfect for multiple uses

WORX Aerocart maintains that it fulfills multiple purposes. It is ideal for home as it helps you with gardening work in the yard and is also suitable for large scale commercial work like construction. It assures you all the possible assistance and does what an ordinary wheelbarrow cannot. You may use WORX Aerocart as a dolly when you want as its wheels are able to move forward closer to the dolly flap and stay intact at the center of gravity. This creates the ideal leverage that makes lifting the load easier and its dolly flap can be moved up and down smoothly. It enables you to lift load up to 300lbs easily you can move huge objects like the refrigerator conveniently. WORX Aerocart works as an extended dolly that you can use to lift bulky items like furniture.

WORX Aerocart can also be used as a plant and rock mover singlehandedly. You may also use it like a bag holder to carry trash up to 40 pounds since it is provided with elastic to keep it in place securely. It also claims to help you out by working as a trailer tote that can easily carry ATV, motorcycle or boat trailers anywhere. Its maximum trailer weight is 1,000 pounds, and the maximum tongue weight is 100 pounds so you can use it accordingly. In addition to that, its cylinder holder can bear weights up to as much as 80 pounds to assist you further.


Designed to make things easy

WORX Aerocart features a turbo lift design which, according to its creators, makes lifting and shifting loads quick and convenient. Its special construction enables it to adjust its center of gravity directly over the two wheels to manage load easily and have a better grip and steadier balance so that it does not trip over. WORX Aerocart also features a fulcrum that claims it helps you easily move potted plants, boulders and trailers easily. It is also provided with attachments like the extension arm and straps to carry out varied tasks systematically.

Durable, easy to store

WORX Aerocart emphasizes on the point that it is extremely durable as it’s made of solid-steel and painted with a thick powder coating to shield it from rust. It is also easy to store as it can be kept in the standing position in only 15 inches of space. Compare WORX Aerocart with Muletto here

What do I get?

  • 1 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Yard Cart
  • 1 Aerocart Cylinder Holder
  • 1 Aerocart Bag Holder
  • 1 Aerocart Plant Mover Strap
  • 1 Aerocart Rock Mover Mesh

Price: $159.80 + S/h. Official Website: Worx.com

6 thoughts on “WorX Aerocart

  1. My 91 year old Mom gifted me with one of these. I never would have spent the money. This cart is ONLY useful for small jobs on hard surfaces.

    The problems:
    1) The wheels are so narrow that pushing the cart on an uneven surface is difficult. Due to its very poor ergonomics takes a lot of effort to push out of any dips that the wheels catch in. I can’t even imagine pushing it in loose soil or gravel.

    2) The cart may be able to hold 200 lbs, but I’m at a loss to figure out how it would contain the bulk of anything that would add up to that weight. The photos show a mounded up pile of mulch in the bed but if you pick up the handles to move it, the front tips down so much it will slide out. This also negates transporting veggie sets to the garden as they will slide around and tip over.

    3) The cart is so low the the ground that unless you are 5’5″ or less, you have to stoop over to push the cart because the handles are in no way ergonomic for taller folks (I’m 5’11”).

    4) While the narrow design has its redeeming qualities for tight spaces, I couldn’t even balance a bale of straw in this cart. A couple bags of mulch, still IN the bags, is doable, but it takes a number of trips to move any amount of anything. We’re currently using it to bring in firewood for our wood stove. The cart will hold about 10-12 pieces of firewood without any falling out. That’s a bit more than it we used the wood carry bag we’ve had for decades. Once snow is on the ground, I doubt we will be able to push the thing even on a shoveled path since its across the lawn.

    In short, if you live in the city and want to move a few bags of mulch from your trunk to the backyard, if you have flat lawns and paved areas that you need to move things around on or if you just like cute little toy tools (like my Mom) then buy this cart. If you want tools that can handle big jobs, this isn’t the the cart for you, stick to real wheel barrows – you can get them with two front wheels if you can’t balance on one.

    The only reason I’m not returning it is because Mom mail ordered it and I don’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her she wasted her money.

    • I am 6′ 2″ tall. Is there a way I can open up or extend the Truck Lip to prevent the cargo from slipping out when I lift up the handles? I have a bad back and need the cargo to stay put. Thank you.

  2. My wife went to buy the Worx AeroCart for me for Father’s Day and, wanted the accessories: Wagon Attachment and water bag.
    When she went to pay, they said they were out of stock but, you could buy last year’s model…here’s a quote from the ad:

    • Muletto 8-in-1 Multi-function Yard Cart plus $34.95 s/h
    Save $40 – Ships Immediately!

    All the same great functions of the AeroCart on last year’s model. We have some inventory left over, so now is your chance to save! Supplies are limited, when they’re gone, they are gone!

    Read again: “All the same great functions of the AeroCart on last year’s model.” That is not true! I just received the accessories (wagon and water bag) for the AeroCart and guess what? They don’t fit or work on the Muletto…or AeroCart’s last year’s model. It would have been nice to know the accessories do not fit last year’s model. Now I’m stuck with a cart and accessories that do not fit or work together.

    I’m hoping they make good on my complaint and take back the Muletto (without the 20% restock fee and they pay for shipping) because the advertisement is misleading…who’d have thought last year’s model wouldn’t fit accessories?

  3. Yes! This item is awesome!! I bought mine from https://aerocart.primetimetools.com and they shipped it right away. I absolutely love this thing! I am finding some many uses for it. Far more than I would have envisioned. It is much more than just a wheel barrow. The amount you can lift with this tool is amazing. The ad says something like 70 lbs feels like 17 lbs. Without a doubt, there is some truth to that. The way it balances the load makes it a breeze to move things around. Moving firewood this fall is going to be so easy! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

  4. Has anyone tried the Worx Aerocart? is it any good?

    Does it really work as claimed in the TV ad?

    Would you recommend this product to others?

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