Werner Podium Ladder

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What is Werner Podium Ladder

It is a ladder that claims to be ideal to work at fixed heights and easier to manoeuvre than scaffolds and lifts.
Werner Podium Ladder promises to help professionals who need to work at a certain height and feel the need for scaffolding or lifts. However the problem with that is you waste a lot of time manoeuvring them around, which can be a huge hassle too. Werner Podium Ladder claims to help you do your jobs easily and function optimally, as if you are not on the ladder in the first place.

Werner Podium Ladder has been designed to help you work with ease

The 4×4 Work Zone is one of the highlights of Werner Podium Ladder, and it ensures that you can work in any direction at any time. Thus you won’t have to get down and reposition your ladder every time you want to work at a different angle or in a different position. Werner Podium Ladder also has an extra large platform with toe guard, and that means you have long standing comfort. In fact it feels like you are standing on the ground while you get on with your tasks, according its claims.

Werner Podium Ladder has several other features for your convenience

Werner Podium Ladder has full aluminium bracing and a complete set of rear horizontals. Moreover the extended guardrail wraps around the work zone. As a result you have an extra point of contact, which is an asset when you are working at heights. You can also organize your accessories and tools with ease and concentrate on your work. Werner Podium Ladder also stresses on the fact that it has the newly designed EDGE360 that gives you protection from every angle.
Werner Podium Ladder gets complete protection at the bottom because of this EDGE360 and of course EDGE bracing. But that’s not all; there are over sized foot pads to ensure you get on it safely. Thus the ladder claims to focus on your tasks while making things easier for you and keeping you safe too.

What do I get?

Please see official website us.wernerco.com.


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