Warner Tool ProGrip

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What are Warner Tool ProGrip

They are blades that claim to be ideal for each flex type so that you can get the perfect performance every time.
Warner Tool ProGrip can be used by homeowners and professionals alike, who want to have just the right flex every time. That’s what these blades have been created for and offer efficient performance, according to their claims. Warner Tool ProGrip also stresses on the fact that it can give you extensive flexibility and with simple colour coding you can easily identify the right flex level for every product as well.

Warner Tool ProGrip are well made and based in solid research

For starters, Warner Tool ProGrip is made in the US and is a result of extensive research the company carried out, trying to know more about what users are looking for. Warner Tool ProGrip blades are made from high carbon, hollow ground steel that has been used by professionals for more than 50 years now. It uses a colour coding system that gives you an idea of the blade flexibility on the handle. You can choose between Stiff, Flex and Full Flex based on the requirement of your job.

Warner Tool ProGrip has smart features for your convenience

Warner Tool ProGrip has ergonomically designed, two soft grip handle designs, which are ideal for different applications, according to its claims. The stiff handle is contoured with a thumb and finger grip to give you control while scraping. The two other handles on the other hand are gently contoured for an easy pulling motion. Warner Tool ProGrip also has two cap styles; Hammer Cap, which has the largest striking surface amongst similar tools in the market and DuraCap, which is made out of sturdy plastic material and incorporates colour coding system.


Warner Tool ProGrip is meant for all

Homeowners with DIY interests and professionals can use Warner Tool ProGrip with ease. The tapered handle used in this case doesn’t allow any putty build-up and you can clean it easily after every project, making these tasks easier than ever before.

What do I get?

Please see official website warnertool.com/ProGrip.html.

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