Wallet Ninja

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What is Wallet Ninja?

It is a multi-tool the shape and size of a credit card that performs functions of 18 everyday tools by itself.


The smartest all-in-one tool of all

Wallet Ninja is a unique, one-of-its-kind multi- tool that claims to singlehandedly function like a can opener/ fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler, box opener, phone stand, flathead screw driver and more. The manufacturers of Wallet Ninja state it is the world’s first 100% flat multi-tool that it isn’t anything like regular implements. It actually resembles a credit card but can do what possibly no other tool can so it might be something you’d feel like grabbing.

Compact and yet incredibly versatile

Wallet Ninja is no huge accessory that takes after all the tools it claims to replace. It is actually as small as a credit card in size and comfortably fits in a wallet. It comes across as one of those rare accessories that just outperform your expectations.

Scores of functions, loads of convenience!

Wallet Ninja claims that it functions like six different hex wrenches, four openers, four screwdrivers, a peeler, a cell phone stand when erected with a credit card’s support and more. It can get frantic when you need to use any of these tools any moment but can’t find it when needed. With Wallet Ninja you don’t have to worry about anything as it is within your easy reach so you can carry out virtually any of the everyday tasks by just pulling it out of your wallet.


So strong it won’t break

Wallet Ninja is made from 4x heat treated steel which seems to make it strong enough to come with lifetime guarantee against any injury or5 bending. According to its makers it is 100% TSA-approved, which renders it safe for use on flights too.

Perfect for outdoors too

Instead of carrying lots of tools on an outing or camping, you may trust Wallet Ninja to carry out whatever functions you require at any point. It seems to be an ideal tool for campers, boat owners, carpenters and others who stay out for long spells but need tools any moment.


    What do I get?

  • You get Wallet Ninja
  • Official website:walletninja.com

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