Vibarazer Review

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You know that you just can’t do without your tools if you want to get those DIY kind of projects done at home. They save you the costs involved in hiring a professional and the job done on time means you won’t be looking at much bigger repairs and tasks in the future. But does that mean you have to create a clutter in your house with different tools for different jobs? Not at all; especially now since you have Vibarazer, which is a professional power tool, which can do several tasks for you.

How does Vibarazer Work

Vibarazer will be your way to take care of the grinding and scraping tasks, plunging, cutting, sanding and a whole lot more. No task is too big for this amazing power tool, which is versatile enough to work on several surfaces. That’s right, Vibarazer can work on metal, plastic, wood, carpet, plaster board and ceramic tile too. The reason behind its power is the vibrasonic, oscillation technology, which oscillates from one side to another. In fact it can oscillate for up to 22,000 times per minute and thus cuts through any surface. Your job will be done efficiently and safely too.
If you are a professional then Vibarazer is the right choice for you, however if you are a beginner and just getting started with DIY projects then you will find it very handy too because it’s so easy and convenient for use. The lightweight construction grade chassis used in Vibarazer is one of the reasons why it’s easy to use and can be held comfortably in your hand. You will also find it good to work with because it can adjust itself to practically any angle, which is why you can use it in tightest of places that you will otherwise find hard to get to.
Vibarazer has a wide range of line up tools to make thing easier for you and there are several attachments, which will ensure that all your jobs are done with the help of one simple tool. Vibarazer also makes cleanup after you are done easy with its dust removal attachment. What more could you ask for?



What do I get?

    VIBRARAZER Pack Contains

  • 1 Vibrarazer
  • 1 Scraper Blade
  • 1 Saw Blade (for cutting plastic and wood)
  • 1 Perforated Triangle Base
  • 2 Sanding Papers
  • 1 Spanner
  • 1 Storage Case
    Accessories Kit Includes

  • 1 Precision endcut blade
  • 1 universal endcut blade
  • 1 HSS semicircle blade
  • 1 carbidegrit semicircle blade
  • 1 finger sanding base
  • 1 universal adaptor
  • 20pcs perforated sanding sheets
  • 20 pcs finger sanding sheet
  • 1 dust attachment

All this for £9.99 + P.& H. Official website



Vibarazer Video
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