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What is VeriPaint – VeriPaint is a new paint system with dual roller heads. It features its patented “turn and lock” system that allows simultaneous painting of two surfaces in any angle.

VeriPaint – the biggest revolution in painting technology

Toss your traditional painter rollers away as VeriPaint X, the biggest breakthrough in painting technology is here claiming to make painting task a breeze. It promises to assist you with painting like nothing else did with its innovative dual roller heads that paint double surfaces flawlessly in one go. Its twin roller heads also have the unique tri-lobal fibers or flock that are designed to hold paint and only release it while painting. It also has unique scissor design that supposedly paints everything easily in half the time and efforts.

Innovative dual roller head for flawless finishing

The makers of this painting system assert that the dual roller head gives the smoothest coverage ever. It has the patented “turn and lock” system that coupled with its special scissor handle, allows simultaneous painting of the face and outside corners of virtually any angled surface. Other painter rollers have just one head but VeriPaint X comes with two, which are completely flexible and bend in any angle. That means you may save your time and also get the most perfect finishing ever.


Since Veripaint paints two sides simultaneously, more surface area is apparently covered in the same amount of time that traditional roller heads take.

No waste and no dripping

VeriPaint claims there’s no wastage, no mess and no dripping of paint while using it. Its tri-lobal fibers hold paint and only release it when you paint, thereby providing perfect finishing without falling on floor.

Paints more than just walls

Try the Veripaint Complete Paint System to paint poles, railings, doors, doorways, baseboards, fan blades, furniture edges and virtually anything you can think of. Its makers claim that you can paint them all inside or outside, latex, oil or stain as perfectly as walls in half the time with perfect finishing.

What do I get

VeriPaint Pro Kit Get the VeriPAint system for just Single payment of $59.90 CAD


VeriPaint Video

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