UGlu Reviews and Complaints

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OASIS Design Directors Mario Fernandez and Loan Burke introduce UGlu, a great way to explore your creativity and come up with some great ideas that will amaze your family and friends, as well as give your home that extra personal touch. UGlu are adhesive strips and dots that can be used to embellish your containers and vases; they help to bond the accessory you want to use, on to the required surface. Revolutionary new adhesive in the convenience of tape, just peel and press no mess, no wait and no hassle. Waterproof, non-stick and safe for kids. Sticks to everything but your fingers.


How does UGlu work?
UGlu comes in strips as well as rolls. You don’t have to wait for it to dry; just rub down the surface on which you are going to put the UGlu, with rubbing alcohol. Give it time to dry, and then you can attach the UGlu and finally put the accessory you want. It is easy to remove too; simply pry out an edge and remove it in the direction of the adhesion. Unlike any other adhesive in the market, UGlu comes out easily and smoothly without leaving any residue on the surface.

You can use UGlu to attach attractive colored beaded wires around a vase to give it a brighter look. Since UGlu is transparent, it does not show through a transparent bottle. You can also do decorations inside vases and containers because UGlu is waterproof and it retains its adhesion quality even when submerged in water. UGlu works not only on glass surfaces; they are great for attaching ribbons to corsages too!



What do I get?

  • 2 75-Piece Variety Packs
  • 2 Power Patches



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


UGlu Video


28 thoughts on “UGlu Reviews and Complaints

  1. I bought my u-glu in South Africa; I was so excited to use it. Unfortuneately it does not work, I could not get the backing off once i’d stuck it down, so do not even know whether it would’ve stayed or not.The pieces, supposedly hundred, was 50 x 1cm”, 1 x 10×10 cm, the rest 2x5cm pieces; trying to get the top off time and again resulted in the whole thing coming off, untill it was so tacky trying to restick and take off top, i just dumped the whole lot.

  2. I bought this to hold down an area rug. Now, after the rug has come up, I can’t get the residue off the wood floor. The UGlu site says it will peel off. What a joke! I don’t want to ruin the finish on my floor so I tried using oil, but that has done nothing to get this gummy, rubbery mess up. I am throwing out the remaining product and will spit on it in the garbage pail! Don’t waste your money and time on this product.

    • I had the same trouble and I scraped for hours to remove most of the mess. My hand is so sore from trying to get it up. I will never use this product again! AND, I wish I could charge UGlu for the wasted time and pain it caused me!

    • I was having a hard time, too, but then I got it off my hardwood by pulling it Command Strip style. I think the directions said something about not pulling it toward you, but literally, pulling it nearly horizontal to the floor worked perfectly.
      And I could have sworn it said it worked on rugs, but it didn’t work on mine either & when I looked at the insert, I couldn’t find a reference to using it that way, so I must have imagined it.
      Hope that helps!

    • I have the same problem. However i used it on runner rugs like maybe four 3” or so pieces on each rug.. The rugs stayed in place for a few years, but i pulled up the rugs to take them out for cleaning and i cant restick them. However there is a lot of carpet backing fibers stuck to the uglu so i took goo gone and wiped the stuck fibers clean… the uglu became clear again on top and so far has restuck to the rug. I believe these runner rugs have a jute backing.
      I do think it is almost impossible to get the uglu off my wood floors, though. A razor blade sort of works but it is difficult.

  3. We decided to use uGlu for my pictures thinking it would keep the pictures straight, we followed the direction religiously and all the pictures fell off the wall during the night taking part of the paint off, we will no have to repaint the entire wall. This stuff does not work…..

  4. We found nothing this uGlu strips would hold, even the most light-weight things fall after a day or so. Don’t waste your money!

  5. What a waste of money. It does not hold carpet in place or plastic or form bracket or a rug. The only thing I have found it useful of is holding posters on a wall. what a rip off

  6. UGlu will not come off of glass windows unless you use a razor blade and rubbing alcohol. Anything you stick to the window with UGlu is ruined-like Christmas decorations. It does not work on every surface as it claims to do. I threw the rest away-what a waste of money.

  7. I ordered on-line and was shocked to see a charge of $13.98 for S&H for a $10 product. Then I got a phone call from uGlu trying to con me into something for a monthly charge. I told the caller if any charge was placed against my credit card I would stop all charges. Why can’t a company do business the old fashioned way. Uglu is a ripoff company in my opinion. Do not place an order!

  8. I purchased UGlu at a local grocery store… I was thrilled to find it because I had a few rooms painted and needed to re-hang pictures, bulletin boards, wall decor, etc. So I used it all over the 3 rooms and bathroom. Now, 2 weeks later, everything is falling down! Don’t buy it.

  9. I have seen the uGlu infomercial. what about the power-washer demonstration, it was more like a shower demonstration, not a power washer.

  10. Total ripoff, couldn’t hold up a simple shelf and it does NOT remove easily, tore up my wallpaper trying to remove it..and yeah, the shipping and handling shenanigans are scam company.

  11. I also used Uglu on a throw rug, it came up after a few weeks. Now I have a stick residue/mess on the floor when I removed it. Any suggestions on how to remove? Blah!

  12. This uGLU does not work. I first tried it on a piece of porcelain that was broken, let it set for 48 hours to make sure, piece was wobbling all over the place, finally just took it off. Next tried to repair the strap on my work bag, bag only weighed about 10 lb when full with stuff, and it held for about an hour and came loose. This stuff is a waste of money.

  13. Most things you see on TV infomercials etc. is mostly garbage. I purchased some knife sharpeners, each purchase came with an extra knife sharpener, I just paid the S&H…the product was $10.00 I purchased 3, did not realize they charged per knife sharpener $7.95… These companies need to be held accountable, but nothing ever happens. But if you use sites like RIPOFF-REPORT, there are attorneys who watch for unjust business, and I post there, plus there are other good sites for reviews and reporting issues.

  14. We bought the Uglu and used it the way you’re supposed to use it. We hung our small stereo speakers with it on our cabinet and the one crashed to the floor and broke part of our manger scene. We will not be purchasing any more of this product. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

  15. I used uglu on carpet to hold my throw rugs. it’s good for less traveled area but does detach with heavy traffic areas, now I cant remove the tape from the carpet. It will not come up without a lot of tedious pulling.

  16. they will sell you the UGLU for 10.00 dollars s&h at $6.99 them if you upgrade for just a double package they charge you for the original the second and the other two supposedly free items. Then when they ship this package to you that weights less than a pound, it is going to cost you $59.86. damn expensive product that is more of a mess to use than its worth literally. The UGlu-tape or gunk wades into a mess hard to apply. Bunch a crap for a lot of money. what a scam please beware and don’t give your hard earned cash away like I did.

    • wish I had read your UGlu reviews before I ordered. I’m normally pretty cautious about these things, but I go taken on this one….$162.81 for something I thought would be $47.97. The shipping alone was $73.87. BEWARE indeed!!

      • Thanks for the uGLU reviews. After watching the ad I said I’ve never bought anything by phone but the product seemed to good to pass up. I researched it online and found it was a scam. If more people leave reviews like you guys and more people read reviews like me, it will make it really hard for these scammers to stay in business. We have to stay connected.

      • Wish I would have read this before I ordered. Not coming until 02/16/11, but I called the 1-800# because of the charge to my card. I couldn’t believe it. They told me to refuse shipment when it comes and I should be credited in full. I will never do this again….WHAT A SCAM

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