Twin Cut Power Saw Plus Review

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Do you find cutting with the saw nothing but trouble? Stop breaking up your projects and breaking blades. Cut it right the first time with the TwinCut Power Plus Saw. Twin Cut Power Plus Saw is no ordinary saw; the difference is in the blades that spin and cut in both directions. It makes the perfect cut every time!


How does Twin Cut Saw work?
The TwinCut Power Plus Saw features a unique two blade design that is made up of three different materials, that is, carbon, tungsten and graphite. These blades spin at the same speed in opposite directions, which is called the counter rotating technology. This technology allows the blades to cut forwards and backwards together. The Dual blades rotate independently in opposite directions providing unsurpassed precision, power, versatility and strength from rough cut to fine cut without changing any blades. You can use it to cut through everything; copper, wood, plastic and metal; it can tackle anything.

The TwinCut Power Plus Saw can start and cut effortlessly in the middle of anything; it can plunge cut with ease. It can penetrate anything, right from delicate fruit to the solid construction of a steel car without excessive heat or kickback. The result is a finished cut with no jagged edges and you don’t even get a kick, bite or splinter! If it has to be cut, cut it with TwinCut Power Plus Saw.

Twin Cut Technology Power Saw FAQs

What does the Twin Cut Technology Power Saw + come with?
How much does the Twin Cut Technology Power Saw + cost?

  • The Twin Cut Technology Power Saw + with the patent pending counter rotating blade technology. The technology used makes it the only saw with 2 blades that simultaneously rotate in opposite directions thereby reducing the regular kickback, vibrations, and sparks that other saws create.
  • A set of 2 Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blades designed to cut through metals, wood, and plastic.
  • Lubrication sticks that are designed to cut through soft metals like aluminum, copper, and stainless steel without overheating or warping them. The sticks fit into the top of the saw and when it is turned on, they move downwards onto the blade allowing it to cut easily through soft metals.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty on the machine
  • 1 sturdy hard-shell carrying case
  • 1 Key tool to change the blades
  • 1 Instruction Manual in English, Spanish, and French.

The unit is available for 3 easy payments of $59.95 plus $39.99 reduced shipping and handling.

Does it come with a money back guarantee?
Yes, there is a 30-day money back guarantee (less S&H and trial price).

Is there a warranty?
The saw includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty begins 12 months (approx. 12-14 days from the date the product is shipped) and guarantees that the machine is free of fault in terms of material and operation. It also comes with an additional 1-year warranty for $29.99.

The unit will be replaced free of cost during the term of the guarantee as long as the deficiencies are due to the construction or material faults, if the machine is returned in the defective condition, S&H paid. The guarantee does not apply for defects from normal wear, negligence, abnormal or overloading, and does not cover cables, plugs, or carbon brushes.

How much is sales tax?
Applicable sales tax applies for FL and CA.

How do I change blades?
Refer to the Instruction Manual for simple directions on how to change blades with the Key Tool.

How much are replacement blades—Tungsten Carbide Tipped?
A set of specially designed Tungsten Tipped Blades cost $39.99 and $6.99 S&H.

What do the Tungsten Carbide Tipped blades cut?
These blades cut through metals, plastics, and wood, specifically, hard and soft woods, hard metals, soft metals plastics, formica, PVC, iron, aluminum, corrugated steel, brass, copper, industrial grade rhubarb, and more.

Where can I purchase replacement blades?
You can contact customer service at 877-300-5499 (Monday – Friday 9:00AM-5PM PST.). Place an order by mail using checks and money orders by sending them to: Twin Cut Technology Power Saw +, Po Box 8104, Van Nuys, CA 91409 .

What accessories are available for the Twin Cut Technology Power Saw Plus?
In addition to replacement Tungsten Carbide Tipped blades, you can also get the ProStar Package.

This includes the Twin Cut Technology Power Saw + Guide Ruler, a housing that transforms your saw into a circular saw.

How much are Lubrication Sticks?
A pack of 25 Lubrication Sticks cost $14.99 plus $3.99 S&H.

What are Lubrication Sticks, and what do they do?
Lubrication sticks are effortlessly placed in the lubrication system, on the top of the saw (Upper Guard). On turning the knob, the blades are effortlessly lubricated as the wax is fed on the blades during cutting.

What are the product Specs for Twin Cut Technology Power Saw +?
Power: 900 w/ 3.9A
Current (no load): 3.4 A
Frequency: 60 Hz
Blade Size: 5 In.
No Load Speed: 5500 RPM
Depth of Cut (Max.) 1-1/8 In.
Extension Cord: 8 feet

What makes the Twin Cut Technology Power Saw + better? Why should I buy it?

  • Patent Pending, Twin Blade, Counter Rotating Design Technology
  • Counter Rotation: The blades, specifically designed, to simultaneously rotate high-speed, in opposite directions at 5800-6000RPM!
  • Counter Rotation allows users to:
  • Cut practically any material with the same blades
  • No need to change blades, or buy different blades for different materials/different projects
  • Cut in opposite directions
  • Finishing Cut- leaves material smooth without causing damage
  • Reduced Kickback, Friction, Sparks, Vibrations, and No Bite
  • Plunge Cut- precision cut and users can start from anywhere in the material
  • Replaces multiples saws for versatility: Jigsaw, sawzall, grinder, circular saw, and drill-required for pilot holes.
  • 8 Ft Cord with 2 Prong- Double-Insulation eliminates the need for the standard 3-wire power cord, they do not need to be grounded (see Instruction Manual). Don’t need a 3 prong wall plug.
  • Compact and Lightweight.
  • Sturdy Protective Carrying Case Provided.
  • No Assembly Required.
  • Easy to change blades, replacement (KEY TOOL) provided, also for adjusting the Upper Guard (See Instruction Manual).
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blades are laser honed, reinforced and specifically designed for the Twin Cut Technology Power Saw + (Labeled A and B- See Instruction Manual) (Set of 2- Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blades can cut virtually anything.
  • Lubrication System: included and assembled on the machine, to effortlessly feed the lubrication sticks for cutting soft metals.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on the machine (See Instruction Manual) – from date shipped.
  • 1 Year Extended from date shipped.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee- From date shipped.
  • 1 Pay Incentive- Priority Processing.
  • How much does the actual Twin Cut Technology Power Saw + weigh?
    The saw weighs approximately 7 lbs – 8 lbs. (without any accessories attached).

    Where is it manufactured?
    The machine is manufactured in Ningbo, China.

    How long does the saw last with everyday use? What is the average life of the blades?
    The saw withstood the Fit For Use Testing, 44 hours of intensive testing. Over a lifetime, the approximations vary per users and various cutting methods for the saw.

    The Tungsten Carbide-tipped blades last for 4-6 months cutting softer materials and 1-2 months cutting hard materials.

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to specify exactly how long the machine or blades will last.

    What does the average home owner use this product for?
    Use it for outside and inside projects.



    What do I get? (Official Offer)

    • 1 Twin Cut Power Plus Saw
    • 1 Protective Carrying Case
    • 6 Lubrication Sticks
    • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty on the machine
    • Key Tool to change the blades



    Reviews and Complaints
    Please see the “Reviews” section below.


    Twin Cut Saw Video


    19 thoughts on “Twin Cut Power Saw Plus Review

    1. Cool saw, hard to get use to using it. Does the job fast, works go on sheet metal, like my old truck 78 Chevy Cheyenne, cut the roof off smooth and fast and were do you get replacement blades at Lowes?

    2. Has anyone compared the Twincut Saw to the Dual Saw? And is the Dual Saw design better than the TwinCut saw

    3. I am left handed which renders the help handle useless. Also this makes it very hard to use the interlock. otherwise nice unit.

    4. I want to know if the TwinCut Power Saw will cut tiles. The ad says it will cut anything, but never mentions tile.

    5. The answer to Rick’s problem is simple. Remove the interlock. How? Clip off the two ears on the safety that prevent the trigger from being pressed. I agree that some better design needs to be done. By the way, this TwinCut Power Saw is LOUD, as loud or more so than a standard skill-saw.

      • By “skill-saw” do you mean a circular saw? SkilSaw is a brand name, not a type of saw so when you say what you did it is confusing. You could mean cut-off saw, jig-saw, the list goes on …

    6. This Twin Cut Saw is not usable as purchased today. Trigger cannot be activated with one hand; safety button is flush with handle, requiring removing other hand from safety handlebar to press in the difficult to reach safety button. This means starting the saw with only one hand supporting it, which is stupidly dangerous! It may be a great tool if the safety interlock were designed better, but I can’t know how it works in this dangerous state of design.

      • I am able to easily press the safety button with my thumb while pulling the trigger once I found the button, one handed activation was a cinch.

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