Turbothrust Saw Review

What is Turbothrust Saw?

If you are tired of using ordinary power tools for household projects that just don’t do the job then what you need is the all new compact power tool, the Turbothrust Saw.
Turbothrust Saw is a new revolutionary power tool designed to cut anything. The Turbothrust Saw cuts with great precision and does the perfect job fast and easy. Use the Turbothrust Saw to cut right in to any surface with amazing precision. You can use this amazing power tool for building, remodelling and renovating with proficient precision. Unlike other power tools that don’t do the job and takes hours to complete the Turbothrust Saw delivers fast and speedy professional precision in no time. The Turbothrust Saw is the power tool you will love to use.


How it works

Designed with revolutionary cutting bits with side-cutting micro-blades the Turbothrust Saw delivers clean, accurate and even 360-degree cutting action. Once you thrust the saw into the desired material you can cut and move in any direction you want to. It guarantees you complete, precise control over your cut. You are sure to love this amazing power tool. The Turbothrust Saw is the only power tool you will ever need.


The Turbothrust Saw can be used to cut just about anything. Use it to cut, grind, sharpen, polish, sandrasp, rout, engrave, wood carver, precision drill, hole cut, etc. There is no need for pilot holes. Use it on doors, helmets, windows, and more. There is so much you can do with the Turbothrust Saw.



The Turbothrust Saw has a 20.000 r.p.m making it 10 times faster than other standard cordless drills. The 400W and single speed of 20.000r.p.m gives you professional cutting results every time you use it.
Featuring a number of blades and attachments, owning the Turbothrust Saw is like having hundreds of pounds worth of tools. This incredible all in one compact machine is guaranteed to give you precision and you are sure to love it.


Use on Any Material

You can use the Turbothrust Saw on any kind of material. Use it on drywall, flooring, plywood, plastic, metal, acrylic, laminate, ceramic tile, stone, and more.
The Turbothrust Saw instantly transforms into a router, circular saw, radial saw jigsaw, and more.
So the next time you have any household job the Turbothrust Saw is what you need.
Order your Turbothrust Saw today and get professional precision results for building, remodelling and renovating.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Turbothrust Saw for £99.00+ £6.99 S&H.
  • You also get 15 pcs Accessory Kit
  • 1 Cutting Guide Set
  • 1 Dust removal Vacuum adapter
  • Official website: bestdirect.co.uk
  • 3 thoughts on “Turbothrust Saw Review

    1. I bought your Turbo Thrust Saw when I needed it most co’z I want it to be used by the people who are replacing my tiles in our laundry area. I was so excited to let them use the saw, to help them out and hoping that it could help them avoid tearing the tiles. Unexpectedly, I felt so embarrassed and disappointed that the saw didn’t worked on tiles, and grout, like it was shown on the advertisement. And so I’d rather refund my payment than letting them to replace the unit. I don’t trust the product anymore.

      • So what happen? Did the money return to you? I am planning to buy also. In fact the unit will be deliver on Tuesday May 2, 2017. I know this is a short notice, but please advice

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