Tuff Glove Review

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What is Tuff Glove:

These are gloves that claim to protect your hands from heat and fire as well.
Tuff Glove promises you complete safety while you work with high temperatures to make your favourite dishes in the kitchen. How often have you tried to get something out of the hot oven and managed to get your hands burned? These burns can be quite painful but they just can’t seem to be avoided with the help of the regular mitt ovens. You need something stronger and specially designed to be able to protect your hands from heat. It could be that you have people over for a barbeque but it’s a challenge because you are being affected by the fire. You need a smart hot surface protector, which will also give you much needed peace of mind while handling these tasks. Tuff Glove claims to be that solution for you.

Tuff Glove and what makes it effective

The secret of the Tuff Glove lies in the military technology that has gone into its making. Together with ultra high tech fibres that are used to make it, you are assured a highly practical solution while working with high temperatures in the kitchen. Do you like to make pizzas at home or bake goodies for that matter? Does a common problem lie in taking out these treats from the oven? Do you want to make delicious corn on cob in the oven? Tuff Glove can help you with all that and more, according to its claims.


Tuff Glove is versatile and works up to very high temperatures

Tuff Glove guarantees you that it is safe to be used up to 480 degree Fahrenheit. Thus it can be used for most of the tasks you have in the kitchen that have high temperatures involved. Tuff Glove maintains that it can be ideal for stove top cooking while you can also use it when you are working with the oven to bake or make casseroles. It makes grilling a lot easier and what’s more, you can also use it for other household tasks.

Tuff Glove is packed with features for your convenience

Not only does Tuff Glove offer superior fire and heat protection but it has also been designed to offer you complete comfort and convenience. You can wear the glove comfortably on either hand and it will create a secure grip for you. Tuff Glove is also machine washable so you are saved the hassle of cleaning it. The glove is durable and stresses that you can make the most out of it for a long time to come. It’s available in three different colours for you to choose from.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy 2 Pairs of Tuff Glove for $10+$13.98 P&H.
  • Official website: buytuffgloves.com
  • One thought on “Tuff Glove Review

    1. My gf just opened her Tuff Gloves and put them on to take a pan out of the oven, well the pan with steaks ended up on the floor and her hand was badly burned. Needless to say these are in the trash!

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