Total Restoration

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What is Total Restoration

It is an 8-piece home do-it-yourself repair kit that can restore, renew, bond, repair and protect almost anything in your house to give professional results and save hundreds of dollars.

A first aid kit for your house

Total Restoration promises to let you take care of repair and restoration work at home like a professional and save hundreds of dollars while doing that. This is a home do-it-yourself must have kit that is an 8-piece set that claims to let you bond, repair, restore, renew and even protect almost everything and proves to be a first aid kit for your house without the need to call a professional for the tasks.


A complete kit for all purposes

Included in Total Restoration kit is three wood scratch removers that allege to be good enough to restore any scratch anywhere in the house. They allege to come in different shades to match your furniture no matter what the color. There’s also one auto/marine scratch remover that declares to make the scratches on your car, boat, motorbike or SUV disappear easily and work on any color vehicle thereby making Total Restoration not just good for restoring things inside but also outside the house. The restoration epoxy of the kit states that you can fix any broken furniture in your house that you couldn’t use earlier and give such amazing results that it can even support a 500 lb tiger and even restore broken tiles. The epoxy also proclaims to fix leather seats, sofas, chairs and anything made of leather and vinyl.

Works on almost all materials

Total Restoration maintains that it can work on any material in your house and restore broken things like they were new. Whether your ceramic crockery, metal, glassware or plastic things are broken, Total Restoration claims you can repair it all. That apart, Total Restoration states that it includes a professional grade grout restorer that can magically restore grout and make your bathroom look spick and span. Bought separately, epoxy, wood scratch removers, grout restores and auto scratch removers cost up to $80 but Total Restoration maintains to save cost there as well. The 6-feet restoration tape of Total Restoration guarantees to fix leaky pipes and do electrical repairs.

What do I get?

You get two kits of Total Restoration Repair Kit including three Wood Restorers, an Auto and Boat Scratch Restorer, a Grout Restorer, Epoxy, and 6’ Restoring Tape, and a Total Restoration Instruction Booklet – all for $22.94 plus $15.9 S&H. Official website


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