Tite Reach Review

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For every mechanic his tools are the lifeline for his business. However at times these tools can only get you so far; especially if you are on call throughout the day and need to finish the job at hand in a short time. You need a helping hand to make your tasks easier and safer as well. Tite Reach is one such professional grade tool available to mechanics, which will make their life a lot easier and their jobs much simpler.


Tite Reach  
Tite Reach ratchet extension wrench helps you tighten and loosens nuts and bolts easily and also in tight areas, which might otherwise be difficult to access.

Tite Reach ratchet extension wrench is an extremely user friendly tool that lets you access nuts and bolts without any difficulty. You can attach your driver to Tite Reach ratchet extension wrench and get on with your jobs without any hassles. It can also be used in tandem with a ½ inch impact driver for better and faster results. While doing your jobs you might come across tasks where you will have to get to areas with a limited stroke. Any mechanic will know that these can be problem areas but Tite Reach brings you within 10 inches of such areas so that you can do the job at hand without any difficulty.

You can use your Tite Reach ratchet extension wrench with any 3/8 inch socket set and it will work with 0° of arc, thus making it quite a handy tool for all mechanics. Tite Reach is also rated for up to 400ft/lbs of torque, which says a lot about its efficiency. What’s more, Tite Reach also helps you protect your hands from any potentially harmful areas and tasks you might encounter in your jobs. Tite Reach is a must have handy tool for mechanics who could do with a helping hand in their projects and reduce risks involved in their jobs as well.



What do I get?
You can buy Tite Reach ratchet extension wrench for $19.95 plus shipping and handling charges at www.trytitereach.com.



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  1. I ordered a Tite-Reach extension wrench Oct 10 2011 the price was$ 14.95 plus $6.95 shipping, a total of #21.90 my order #12645093. I have received nothing. This was ordered from http://www.trytitereach.com there is no customer service number to call and they do not answer e-mails.

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