Tim & Brown Thunder

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If you like to take on DIY projects at home then you realize the importance of tools you have. They are of great importance for tradesmen and professionals as well because their job relies on them. But do you need to have a wide variety of tools when you can have Tim & Brown Thunder, which switches from one to another with ease. That’s what it claims to do; Tim & Brown Thunder can go from a drill to grass cutter to a polisher so that your jobs are done with one tool that does the trick.

All in one system
Tim & Brown Thunder is known for its all in one system that not only helps you save storage space; you also get a chance to work with a single battery. If you have used rechargeable drills in the past you know they are hard to use and the batteries are really small, which means you don’t get long constant use out of them. But there are no such problems with Tim & Brown Thunder according to its claims. It is known for its ultra powerful rotations at 1100 RPMs so that you can drill with one hand.

Versatile and flexible for use
Tim & Brown Thunder can be used to drill into large pieces of wood and a steel pipe, wood and aluminium baseball bats to strong bowling balls; it is versatile enough to go through several materials with ease, according to its claims. With 23 level torque adjustments and 2 level speed adjustments for beginners, Tim & Brown Thunder is said to make things easier for everyone. There’s also a level for your convenience and one touch drilling switch, built in LED lights are other features that are meant to make your tasks easier.

Single battery for convenience
It can be such a nuisance when you have to keep replacing your battery for your drill, polisher and grass cutter. But that’s not the case with Tim & Brown Thunder, which helps you use the same battery with ease. Moreover it has several other features including the power gauge that shows you the remaining battery. Tim & Brown Thunder is also known for its real rubber grip, which can protect your wrist from impact, according to its claims, so that you don’t have to suffer any strain while you are getting on with your tasks.

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