The Wizor

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What is the Wizor – The Wizor is a retail tag remover tool that can be attached to a wall.


The Wizor Wall Scissors have been created to offer you a way around the nuisance of retail store tags, according to its claims. You buy your favourite top or dress for that matter but even before you have worn it, you end up ripping a hole through it while you struggle with the store tag. But that won’t be a problem for you anymore or so says The Wizor Wall Scissors, which offers you a comfortable solution for it. In fact they are meant to ensure that you don’t have to go looking for scissors again.

Easy of use

It’s supposed to be quite simple to use these wall scissors as you are meant to peel and stick them to your wall closet. They can be used anywhere around the house; from kitchen to laundry room and your garages too.

No more tricky store tags

Have you chipped your teeth trying to get rid of store tags on clothes? Do you end up hurting your fingers while struggling with them? Next time you buy a pair of pants, backpack or towels, you can simply get rid of the store tag with the help of The Wizor Wall Scissors, according to its claims.


Not only does it offer you a solution for those pesky store tags, it also promises to work for frayed jeans, decoration items etc. There’s no need for pulling and tugging anymore, when you can simply wizor it.

Safe to use

It has a protective shield, which makes it safe to be used by kids as well. The same can’t be said about your regular scissors. The Wizor Wall Scissors also claim to be a practical solution for those who suffer due to arthritis.
There’s no reason for you to risk your new clothes or fingers struggling with store tags when The Wizor Wall Scissors claims to offer you a convenient solution for it.


What do I get?
Get a Pack of 2 Wizors for just $8.99. Official website


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