SuperSpare Review

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Do you love your car and drive around almost everywhere in it? Well, then you must know exactly the issues a driver can almost all the time and the worst thing is to have a flat tire. Tires often go flat in worst of situations like a family trip or a driving to an important meeting. But all those troubles can vanish with SuperSpare, a solution that works instantly to get back on track. The key idea behind this system is to connect the two tires via SuperSpare and make sure that the tire pressure in both normalizes to ensure safe driving.

How does SuperSpare Work

Honestly it is impossible to be prepared for flat tires all the time since it would need the use of a jack, spare tire, pump, etc. If you are caught in a situation where none of this was carried to save storage space then you could use some help from the amazing SuperSpare. Repairing instant punctures has been a problem since the invention of cars and one cannot simply depend on professionals to reach on time or then you would have to walk for miles or hitch a ride to find a car mechanic where SuperSpare comes into picture.. But the idea behind inventing SuperSpare is that there would be no need to carry equipments or a spare tire to change which would require a lot of manual work and can sometimes be difficult to manage alone. But SuperSpare minimizes your work load since there is no need to remove the tire as it fixes the tire pressure and normalizes it by utilizing the existing other tire pressure or from a spare.

The sealant of SuperSpare that fixes the tear is distributed in the tire evenly as the car is moved for 2-3 miles after the process. The liquid is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-aerosol, non-flammable and water soluble making it safe to ride along. With its compact size it can become a permanent travel companion in the storage area of the car. Apart from regular cars, SuperSpare can be used on UTV’s, ATV’s, riding mowers, motor homes, wheelbarrows, etc.



What do I get?
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