Super Ladder Review

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We all need a ladder for various needs right from fixing a light bulb, painting the house to work at a work site. But most of these ladders are too heavy to carry around and even slip and slide leading to injuries. But now you can get yourself Super Ladder to take care of all your climbing needs.


Super Ladder
Super Ladder is a lightweight, multi-purpose, 8-in-1 extension ladder created from the high grade aircraft industry aluminum that makes the ladder durable enough to withstand 150 kg load and yet last a lifetime since it does not rust at all. Being made of aluminum makes it sturdy yet lightweight at just 11 kilos. So you can carry it easily anywhere inside or outside the house. It’s also foldable and compact so you can carry it to your work site in the trunk of your car. When extended, the height of Super Ladder is 3-4 m and reduces to just about 85 cm when folded. The compact size on being folded also makes it very convenient for storage and you can easily fit it into a cabinet.

The versatile Super Ladder includes scaffold plates and support stand. It has 12 steps distanced by 28cm between each rung. Super Ladder is safe because of its rubber feet that prevent it from slipping or sliding and keeps it stable no matter what surface it is on, whether wooden or a slippery alabaster. You just need to take care that it is not placed on uneven surface. It also has a convenient auto click lock securing its shape. You just need to make sure that the locking mechanisms are in locked position before you start using the ladder.

Super Ladder is so versatile that it takes just a few seconds and a few moves to transform into one of the 8 positions: Single (and Double) Stepladder, stool position, small/medium/large positions, stairway work platform, stairway climber, stand-alone ladder, scaffold position and storage position. The Super Ladder package comes with a Super Ladder, manual, user guide, 1 long scaffold plate and short scaffold plate each and 1 Auxiliary Support Stand. Super Ladder is so light, convenient and safe that even your kids can use it to climb their tree house or a mother can use it to take stuff out of the storage space or even fix a light bulb without seeking anyone’s help.



What do I get?

  • 1 x Super Ladder
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Long Scaffold Plate
  • 1 x Auxiliary Support Stand
  • 1 x Short Scaffold Plate
  • User Guide

You get all this at



Super Ladder Video


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  1. Sir,

    I saw your product “Ladder” at TV. But prices are not telecast. So, send for the prices of different ladders for the below address.

    NV Prasad

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