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How often have you bought a pair of shoes that you really liked but felt extreme discomfort while walking in them? Shoes that don’t fit well can be very painful but you don’t have to discard them anymore because Stretch Genie will solve your problem within minutes. Its magical formula ensures that your shoes stretch exactly to the size you want them to be. Now no more struggle to stretch your shoes, boots, sandals or gloves as Stretch Genie will take care of the issue almost instantly.


Stretch Genie
Stretch Genie is a revolutionary spray solution that can penetrate through leather without any hassle, at the same time it works on different materials like suede and natural skin as well. The fibers of the material like leather are relaxed and they thus stretch to fit your feet. Moreover Stretch Genie is a clear solution, so you won’t have to worry about discoloring your shoes. It can be effectively used on different kinds of shoes, gloves and wallets as well.

Stretch Genie expander on the other hand has adjustable knobs, which will help you adjust the width of your shoes. It’s known for its compact design, which makes it easy to reach areas that are tight fitting. And since it has contoured knobs, they will take shape of your feet. Now you can experience comfort like never before using Stretch Genie, which gives the phrase “fits like a glove” a whole new meaning.




What do I get?
You get a 4 ounce bottle of Stretch Genie and 2 Stretch Genie expanders for $9.99 plus shipping and processing fee of $6.95 at You can double your offer and get Ultra Cushion Heel Gel Pads with it by simply paying additional shipping and handling fees.


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70 thoughts on “Stretch Genie Review

  1. Worst stuff I ever saw. I used just at it said on a new pair of leather shoes. Next time I wore them they actually came totally apart. Had to trash a new pair of shoes!

  2. OMG I wish I could have found this site before. I tried looking online with the BBB. The thing is, their site does not show up for the BBB, their phone I called just hangs up on me and they have NO address. I call the bank and they said they have to wait til they make a charge, what the heck? I am disable and on a fixed income. I cannot believe that nothing has been done to close down this scam and you guys wrote this in Jan. That is crazy. Has anyone wrote to BBB or any other place? Have you got any results?

  3. I bought this Stretch Genie from a store. The “special formula” connected to Stretch Genie is rubbing alcohol and “purified” water. The shoe stretchers work fairly well but that’s only because I had them in the shoes for 3 days.

  4. Thanks so much for your Stretch Genie reviews. Just 3 min. ago I almost got my credit card out because I had watched the commercial. Again, thanks you guys saved $40 & the headache of it all.

  5. Once again, I have contacted these bogess people for the fiftieth time on my fee that they caused. I canceled my order on a Thursday and they billed my credit card on a Sunday. What type of idiots are they? I have contacted my attorney about this petty cash and now I am going to turn it into more money cause I have to pay my counsel for this BS. I am just warning all of you out there to not mess with this company they are full of shit!!!!! How are you gonna force someone to purchase your product when they do not want it? All them foreign speaking idiots can say is they are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused me but that is not reimbursing my thirty seven dollars they owe for putting it through on my card. As you see I am very pissed off at this company and they will see me in court over this petty situation.

    • I am so Pissed OFF right now… I got taken by these con artists in June… Filed a claim with my bank because I’ve never received the product… A couple of weeks later, my bank credited the money back to my account, pending hearing from Stretch Genie… Yesterday, the bank reversed their credit and charged me for the product, which I have still yet to receive 4 months later… I just got off the phone with a bank rep who told me that Stretch Genie provided documents showing that the item was delivered… LIARS!!! I can’t believe that they are getting away with this… I am so angry that I am beyond livid right now…

    • Wish I’d read this before I visited the Stretch Genie site. I didn’t even complete my order, because an extra item had somehow gotten tacked on by the time I was ready to “Confirm” the order, and there was no way to delete it. They sent me a “Thank you for your order” email, which I promptly notified them there was no order. A week later, customer service got back to me, saying they were sorry but they couldn’t cancel my order (which, of course, I hadn’t actually completed any order), but they couldn’t cancel — a week later — because it had shipped. Talk about deceptive practices! Who can I complain to that will count?

  6. phil says:
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    September 18, 2012 at 12:27 pm
    I have read all of the negative reviews here…and my experience was exactly the same! Please please do not buy from these people. I have never before ordered something on line without the ability to backtrack, remove, edit or confirm my order. Before I knew it I had purchase items I didn’t want. I could not get out of it, and it went right to my credit card. I immediately called the number…wrote emails…tried to cancel everything…..I felt like a voiceless person with no power to change anything. When I received the unwanted package I put return to sender without opening it. They have not credited anything and said they never received it… The postman will advocate for me. I am absolutely furious. Even thinking of getting a lawyer just to prove a point! SCAM!!!!!!!

  7. I have read all of the negative reviews here….and my experience was exactly the same! Please please do not buy from these people. I have never before ordered something on line without the ability to backtrack, remove, edit or confirm my order. Before I knew it I had purchase items I didn’t want. I could not get out of it, and it went right to my credit card. I immediately called the number….wrote emails…tried to cancel everything…..I felt like a voiceless person with no power to change anything. When I received the unwanted package I put return to sender without opening it. They have not credited anything and said they never received it….the postman will advocate for me. I am absolutely furious. Even thinking of getting a lawyer just to prove a point! SCAM!!!!!!!

  8. SCAM…HORRIBLE…BEWARE, September 18, 2012

    By tableofgrace
    This review is from: Stretch Genie (Kitchen)


    • There is nothing wrong with this product. The stretchers work quite well when used overnight and it does only cost $9.99!! You just can’t buy it from their website. Walmart and walgreens and even our local supermarket offer all of these “as seen on TV” products. Mind you, you won’t get 2 for $9.99 plus a ridiculous extra handling fee — you’ll get one for the $9.99. I have purchased a lot of “as seen on TV” items and most work as advertised…….you just can’t buy them from TV, go to walmart or walgreens and get them.

  9. I ordered the stretch genie,However I was contacted on 4 different occasions for verification on my order. Aafter the third call and no merchandise I told them to cancel the order. I went through the proper steps of cancelling and they still charged the merchandise to my credit card causing an overdraft on my account in the amount of 37.50. I contacted the company and complained to them why? did they still charge my account when the order was cancelled on9/12/2012 they processed the order on 09/14/2012. They will force the product on you even if you tell them you no longeer want it. I have a friend that told me it does not work and it was a waste of her money.So just be aware when thinking of placing an order, cause they will charge you even if you do not want it. I will sue the company if I have to on my overdraft fee because they were not authorized to remove the money when I called and canceled that mnnt I did not waant the order. Be on the lookout for this scam company. PISSED OFF

  10. What a scam.. I ordered one and guess what? My bill was $37.50 They send me one order and I called and complained. Don’t bother, it doesn’t work anyway..They would not change the order.

  11. I guarantee you this product does not work. Yes, you can say I’m from another company and going against it. I here just to say it doesn’t work. The spray is simply what everyone is saying, alcohol and water. Those pieces you get with them, garbage. We’ve had companies send samples similar to those… worthless. Hard to put the piece in your toe box and hard to get the full stretch. Not even durable to last.

    Just take your shoe to your local repair shop or buy the shoe stretcher. You can even buy the cheap stretcher and they’ll do better than this.

    Check FootFitter, Heelingtouch, shoetreemarketplace or just type in shoe stretcher on google.


  13. My Stretch Genie worked great – stretched an undersized pair of gloves so I could do my dirty business and get me out of a lot of trouble later while in court.

  14. Okay I saw the commercial couple days ago and I did not remember the website address. Saw it again today and was very happy, until I read your reviews.(thank you by the way). my right foot is a little bit bigger than the left foo, so there is the problem. for every body up there do not use alcohol alcohol shrinks the leather, try this solution which worked for me all this just before you put your shoes on put body lotion on your feet.(moisturizer stretches that leather) it’s temporarily off course but it Does work for as long as you wear your shoes. I hope this helped thank you!

  15. I once decided NEVER EVER to order through a TV ad again. Unfortunately I made an exception when I saw a product that I need and can not find elsewhere. I ordered it and immediately knew I was being scammed. So now I am going to close my checking account. And re open with a new account. (trip to the bank) Then I have to make tel. calls to various entities to notify them of this. For the purpose of automatic deposits and payments. It is going to cost me a lot of time. I will also report this to the Attorney General of my State, for what it is worth. This is about the Stretch Genie.

  16. Wow!!! Thanks everyone for the info… saw the ad on the Fox channel this morning, almost ordered this stuff. Sure glad I read the reviews first! I’m gonna try the alcohol… I have some leftover cheap gin from my last party, wonder if it would work? At least the shoes would smell pine-fresh…

  17. Stretch Genie is a SCAM! I Ordered one set and received 6, the scam is they send it in a huge box charge $49.95 + $62.55 in Shipping for a Grand total $112.50!!! I returned the product unopened, they credited only $49.95, I had to pay $15.12 to return the item, they will not credited the shipping. So, not only are you screwed for the shipping, but also the $$ it costs you to send it back. Because it didn’t have return postage paid.

    • I agree with you. This is most definitely a scam. I order one set and received another set and they charge me $49.95. After all of that, this is not worth. Those stretchers are worthless. They do not stay fit inside the shoes. PLEASE DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONLINE OR AT ONE THEIR RETAIL OUTLETS.

  18. Oh, one more thing. I once ordered something that was buy one get the second one free & I misspoke and ended up getting four and paying double. I explained my problem & was credited. I guess it depends on the vendor. It’s easy to goof, I said yes that I wanted the second one, meaning I wanted the free one, but they took it as a second order. I found the vendor very accommodating and they even told me not to bother to ship the extra two back.

    True story!

  19. Hmmm, I just ordered through the website (couldn’t find it any any of the local stores, and I tried several), and was only charged $23+.

  20. First off…NEVER EVER order a product advertised on TV over the phone. Even if the product works well, part of the scam is credit card fraud and non-existent customer service. Once they have your credit card number…you are cooked.

    Buy the item at any store that sells “As Advertised on TV” Products (like WalMart). You don’t pay exorbitant shipping fees and can return the item hassle-free if it doesn’t work out.

  21. I places and order for one stretche genie @ the second one free. I was very supreised to see that they deducted $47.68 from my account. I refuse to spend almost $50 for a shoes stretcher. I will be getting in comtact with the customer service, and if I do not get a good response I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

    • The BBB is the biggest scam of all. They are not a government entity yet they claim they have power over businesses. They cannot punish in any way, the only thing they do is give you a bad rating, unless you are a “member” and you pay your membership fee than they will completely forgive the business unless the person that originally reported the compliant constantly complains for the rest of his life.

  22. Well, after reading the reviews I also agree with the lengthy questions when I called to order, so I hung up. Hopefully after giving my billing info I am not charged and I do not get anything in the mail. If so, it will definitely be RETURNED UNOPENED!!! Thank you for the suggestion of the alcohol. Just wish I could find the stretchers they advertised. I remember my dad had something called “shoe trees” he insisted in his shoes when he put them in the closet.

    • I was doing my research first but really wanting to buy this product (Stretch Genie). I am so thankful for the reviews. I have changed my mind; however I sincerely need a shoe stretcher that works, any suggestions?

      • I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered…NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER LIKE THIS AGAIN…These people are lairs, they are dishonest, the people are stupid idiots, that have no idea how to work customer service. In ten phone calls, NO ONE GAVE A TRUTHFUL ANSWER!!! NO ONE!!! I got the customer service supervisors names and ID number and when I returned the package. I took great delight in expressing my feelings about each of these people and the job they …DID NOT Do! A few days later I called the post office to check on the progress of the return, and they told me how much they enjoyed my penmanship. They also apologized, because they wanted everyone to see it, so it took a couple day before they sent it back. I felt much better knowing that I had done my part, to make sure others would know how dishonest this company is to work with!

        • I Buy from a shoe store, a 4.5 oz. can of TOTES shoe stretch, for $5.00 and it worked great. Another thing I’ve read said take a zip lock baggie add water and putting the shoe, then in the freezer. This would not work on sandals, and thats what I needed stretched.

      • In order to stretch shoes, I desperately need this as well, I have not found the alcohol to work that well BUT I could have not done it correctly but I would think that alcohol dries the skin so it would dry the shoes. I grabbed glad bags, put water in them and then stuffed them into my shoes and put it in the freezer over night. That worked pretty good.. The best thing to do though is moisturizer, find a lotion that is thick slap it on your feet and slide your feet in that stretches because moisture will stretch the leather.

  23. I’ve read all the replies, but only one person actually mentions whether the PRODUCT works! Most of these tv offers have horrible customer service, but I want to know from those of you who bought it, if the product actually works! I would NEVER use rubbing alcohol on expensive shoes! Maybe some Walmart brand shoes but never ones I payed a lot of money for. The poster who mentioned the shoe stretcher from years ago was right. There used to be one that worked well and was safe on leather & suede, but I haven’t seen it in many years. Was hoping this is similar. We have a “as seen on tv” store and I think they carry this product, (avoiding phone & website issues) but I wanted to know if this actually WORKS! Anyone? Sorry, but I don’t use the word of only one person. Please, if you bought this item, let us know if it actually works. Thanks.

  24. I ordered the Stretch Genie on the phone today. I was asked how many I wanted and I said one, then the recording asked me again and I said one. When they gave me the total they were charging me for two orders. I am reporting this to my bank. It would be nice if the stations would check this before taking the ad. I wish I had read the reviews and will in the future. I sent them a e-mail but I doubt that will help.

  25. Thanks to all for saving me from buying a bogus product from a loser company, and to LA Jack for the rubbing alcohol advice. I’ll try it and hope it works on suede.

  26. I placed an order for this product, prior to reading the review. I now regret placing the order. I also had an instance where I placed an order for one bottle and was charged for 4. This is ridiculous. I have put in a payment dispute with my bank and will not be paying for this product.

  27. I tried to order on the phone, spent so long declining additional offers I finally hung up. Decided to look them up online and found reviews and you saved me!

    There was, many years ago a spray that worked. Sure wish they would come back on the market! Peg

  28. I’m glad to read the complaints about Stretch Genie. Thanks to all that wrote the complaints!

  29. This junk is just like the rest of the crap they sell on TV. Don’t waste your money, these people should be put in prison for lying and selling this crap.

  30. I love to read reviews on products they will tell the truth at some point in time if it sounds to good to be true “IT IS”

  31. Don’t buy this stuff. All you need is RUBBING ALCOHOL (put some on a cotton ball and put it where you need to have it stretched) and take the end of a broom or something to that effect and just rub the broom end where ever you need to stretch it. That simple. Save your money.

  32. I ordered one Stretch Genie and supposedly was getting one free with a $6.95 postage fee. How in the world did it add up to $47.68? I apparently accidentally hit a key I should not have hit and was charged for another set of bottles plus $13.90 for postage for each one. Please cancel my order or I will send it back unopened and will call my credit card company. The cost should be $16.94 for one and one free plus 6.99 for postage. I think this is a scam. You don’t give a person a chance to change the mistake on this computer order.

    I will try to call customer service in the morning.

    Unhappy customer.
    Mary Barrett

    • Same thing happened to me, I emailed them and said I would file a complaint with my credit card company if they didn’t fix it ASAP. I hope they do.

  33. Definitely doesn’t work a bit. Absolutely the worst product ever. I conducted my own experiment by taking two pairs of my leather shoes. The first pair I sprayed with stretch genie as directed on the bottle. The second pair I sprayed with mere water. The results? There wasn’t a single difference in the stretching ability of stretch genie compared to water. The results were exactly the same with the only difference being water is free and stretch genie is $10. Don’t waste your money on this product. It is completely bogus.

    • Thank you for telling does it really work or not, and thanks for the others who said about the shipping. This is why I hate TV ads…

  34. Review Stretch Genie

    Does Stretch Genie live up to its claims?

    Does Stretch Genie stretch shoes to the right size?

    Does Stretch Genie work on different kinds of shoes?

    Does Stretch Genie work on gloves and wallets too?

    Does Stretch Genie discolor shoes?

    • I tried stretch genie, and it worked for me, sprayed the shoe, and put an empty glass bottle in the shoe, so it was tight, left it for a couple days, and put my shoes on and walked away in comfort.

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