SteadyPro Ruler

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What is SteadyPro Ruler

It is a ruler with a handle that claims to help you measure, level and a lot more with ease.
SteadyPro Ruler asserts that it is the perfect solution for all DIY enthusiasts who like to take on one project or another at home. But the accuracy of the project depends on levelling, which is not only tricky but can go awry without a proper ruler. Your ruler is also important in case you have taken on an arts and crafts project or want to help your children with theirs. SteadyPro Ruler promises to make things easier for you so that you can get a handle on these things, quite literally.

SteadyPro Ruler and its built in handle

The highlight of the SteadyPro Ruler is its built-in handle that makes sure you can measure, level etc without a problem. The handle will hold it steady in its place while you mark, cut or level, according to your inconvenience. Thus you won’t have to be worried about holding the ruler in its place or getting wrong readings because of slips. Another thing to note about the SteadyPro Ruler is that it is a 24 inch ruler that gives you extra long straight edge that makes sense while drawing or cutting. You will also be pleased to find that you will be able to keep your fingers away when cutting as well.

SteadyPro Ruler has two built in levels

Horizontal and vertical plumb levels are seen in the SteadyPro Ruler and they add to your convenience while doing your job too. In fact, on the whole, this ruler emphasizes on the fact that it has been designed to make sure you have all the comfort while using it. Now you will be able to easily mark straight and level spots for drilling, according to its claims. The fact that SteadyPro Ruler has gradation in centimetres and inches is an added advantage. The ruler can also be folded when not in use and as a result it can be stored easily. It can be placed in a tool belt, backpack or a drawer.


SteadyPro Ruler and its various applications for you

SteadyPro Ruler stresses that it’s a must have for all homes and workshops. It can be used for several jobs like hanging pictures, mirrors, shelves, cabinets without making any mistakes that can cost you dearly. If you want to help your kids with arts projects or let them take charge without any hiccups, SteadyPro Ruler can be ideal for you. The ruler also makes sense for professionals, which can use it with complete precision. It makes for an ideal present for all users too.

What do I get?

you get two SteadyPRO Ruler for only $14.99, plus $12.9 P&H. Official website

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