Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray REVIEW

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About Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray

It is an all new gravity defying, non-spill paint tray that holds the paint like a magnet holding to a metal. Unlike traditional paint trays which are difficult to handle when you are standing on a ladder trying to balance the tray while you are doing the painting, Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray gives you freedom of movement as you don’t have to worry about the paint dripping from the tray.


So how does Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray do what it does?

The surface of the Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray feature thousands of interwoven absorbent microfiber bristles that lock in the paint even when you turn the tray upside down. The paint gets released when you squeeze the brush or roller on the tray surface.

The Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray claims that it can hold up to 12 ounces of paint at a time which is considerably more than the regular tray so you don’t have to fill the tray too often. You can use the Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray like an artist’s color pallet with multiple colors in it, the makers of Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray claim that the colors will not bleed into each other – thanks to the bristles again.

The Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray is lightweight and features a adjustable hand grip below the tray which makes it convenient to hold the tray securely for any size hand.

Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray asserts to be washable and reusable

What tasks can you accomplish with the Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray
You can use the Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray to remove water stains from walls and ceilings, remove scuff marks, remove scratch markings from wooden surfaces. And because it can hold 12 ounces of paint at a time it is even suited for bigger jobs.

Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray REVIEW

Ok now lets check the reviews and find out if the claims made by the Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray are true or not.

Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray reviews have confirmed that the most important claim made in the TV ad is true. The gravity defying, non-spill claims of the Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray holds true. There are other problems with it though.

The most common complaint about Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray is that it is really hard to clean. You have to use/waste lots and lots of water to clean it.

Many customers mentioned in their reviews that the Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray is more suited for small quick job (as the infomercial itself mentions). Not very useful for prolonged jobs and where you have to mix multiple colors.

A lot of paint just gets stuck in the absorbent bristles of the Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray and it dries out quickly, so not all the paint that you out in this tray gets used.

One customer mentions in his review that the trick is put just the right amount of paint in the Starlyf Paint Magnet tray.If you put in more paint then the pads can absorb, then the gravity will win and paint is going to run down if you tip it.

The other claim that you don’t have to refill the tray too often is not true. Because it sucks in lots of paint, you need to keep it filling with the new paint.

There are many of them who think, this is an over-hyped gadget and a simple paint bucket does a better job than the Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray.

Also holding the Starlyf Paint Magnet tray for longer time in that position hurts the hand.

You have to really press hard the brush on the tray to get the paint out of it.

One user commented that this tray is rather easy with the brush than the roller.


Q. Does it really make paint stick like a magnet?
A. The infomercial shows the demonstration of the magnet feature – they fill the tray with paint and drop it from a height and still no spills on thee floor.

Q. How many times can you reuse it?
A. if cleaned as per the instruction, you can use the Starlyf Paint Magnet tray for a few years.

Q. Does Starlyf Paint Magnet tray work with any type of paint?
A. Nope. It works only wit water based paints.

Q. Does it have a lid?
A. No.

Starlyf Paint Magnet tray Verdict

Starlyf Paint Magnet tray is no doubt exaggerated product but it does live up to the “no-spill” claim. But even then the use of Starlyf Paint Magnet tray is limited to small projects for amateurs.

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