SpeedOut Reviews and Complaints

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What is SpeedOut?

It is a easy to use Damaged/Stripped Screw Remover. Speedout can remove philips, flat, hex and painted over screws in 2 simple steps. All your good intentions of taking charge of home projects come to a standstill because of the simple challenges you face along the way. Trying to remove old and damaged screws from walls etc is one of the problems you commonly face. How often have you stripped a screw or pulled the head out of the bolt leading to much nuisance? And if you are a tradesman who needs to take care of these tasks on a regular basis, you just can’t afford wasting time on them. That’s why you need SpeedOut, which makes the job a lot easier for you.


How does SpeedOut Work?

SpeedOut offers you a novel, efficient and instant way of removing old screws and bolts without any hassles. Now you can get rid of any stripped screw within as little as ten seconds, which will save you a lot of time and effort too. Avoid the frustration and annoyance you are faced with while removing these screws and bolts and don’t be slowed down by it either. SpeedOut is quite versatile and works well with hex heads, flat heads and painted over heads too. That’s what makes it ideal for carpenters and mechanics too.

SpeedOut claims to be quite easy to use and if you know how to use a drill you will have no problems getting a hang of it too. You need to use the patented cutting end to drill out the damaged area. Then by flipping the tool you can use the extracting end to pull it right out. Your job is done that simply. SpeedOut works because the cutting end creates a cone for the screw, which leaves you with just the right surface to grab onto it and pull it out. So effective is this technique that long screws from redwood decks can be removed as well.

SpeedOut claims to work its magic on screws and bolts where you have managed to break the entire head too. SpeedOut works equally well with different tools and is made using durable, hardened steel, which makes it a long lasting companion for enthusiasts and professionals.

SpeedOut Review

SpeedOut’s Promise – The Speed Out is a set of drill attachments. It claims that you can attach a Speed Out to any drill and use the drilling end to drill out the center of the damaged screw, It claims to even remove four-inch long, stubborn deck screws out of redwood even if entire head of a screw or bolt is broken it can still extract it right out.

Simply re-branded – The website and the promotional material talks about Speedout, so does the box it comes in, but Grabit can still be seen on extractors. It’s just Grabit-Pro 4 Piece Kit, which has been around for a while. There’s nothing new about Speedout; they have simply re-branded it.


Doesn’t work according to the claims – You are given to believe that the screw extractor can remove screws with chewed out heads too. But that doesn’t happen when you actually try it. Speedout works in some cases and with regular screws, but you can’t have high expectations from it.


Advertising hype is suspicious – It’s often seen that more advertising there is for a product, lower in quality it turns out to be. Good products work on word of mouth publicity because people really like them and then talk about them. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here because there’s a lot of advertising hype built around Speedout. Makes one wonder why would they have to go into a hard sell mode if the product was decent in the first place. More money people spend on advertising, less is left to keep tabs on its quality.

Poor quality – Speedout is made in China and that shows in its quality. You can’t expect something durable and sturdy here. It works within limitations and can help remove some screws; but that’s about it. The quality of this screw extractor leaves a lot to be desired and it’s definitely not a keeper.

Poor Durability – The Speed Out works great at first, but it looses its durability rather quickly and after that you can barely remove damaged screws forget about the complicated repairs.

Backordered? – Many customers have complained about the absence of the actual Speedout extractor reviews. This means customers have not yet received the product. This is the most common problem with infomercial products – backorder. There are many cases where the payment was made for the SpeedOut but the customers never received the product in spite of the numerous follow up!

Price – Unlike most other “as seen on tv” products where the shipping price as much as the product price, Speedout Extractor is fairly priced at $19.95 + Free S/h. Most of the other screw and bolt extractors from reputed brands are priced between $15.00 to $22.00.

What does Speedout works for – According to the reviews, Speedout works if you want to take out your regular sized screw or anything that size. Speedout works well for removing stripped screw from wood or drywall or furniture. Reviews by people say they have used it for stripped Philips head screws and SpeedOut works just fine. Speedout worked fine to remove 2 inch pan head screws exposed to salt water. One reviewer says he just couldn’t get them with screw gun. But Speedout did the job well and he needed to use pliers to get the screws to release. Based on other reviews elsewhere, Speedout removes small sheet metal and wood screws that have been stripped out or corroded over time

What does Speedout doesn’t work for – Speedout doesn’t work for bigger objects. Speedout is just not heavy duty enough to be used for broken or stuck bolts. Based on the Speedout reviews, in case of bolts that straight or spiral, flute extractors work a lot better. One reviewer tried using it to remove screws that were caked in paint. It barely worked and was a waste of my time and money. Speedout is also a pain to work with on rusted screws. While it can grab them fine you have to drill a sizable hole in the first. In fact right in the instructions there is a warning, “Tool can be compromised if extracting large screws exceeding 2 inches in length and/or have aggressive threads”. In case of stripped screws as well if they are in tightly then you might struggle using it. Speedout will not work on seized or bailed out bolts either.

Should I buy Speedout Screw Extractor Tool? – As mentioned earlier it seems customers have not received the product and hence there are no REAL reviews that will tell if the Speedout Tool really works or not. So we would advise you to skip on this product for now unless you find genuine reviews about it. OR you can buy it at Supermarket in your area where you can return it for FULL refund if it does not work as advertised. Speedout is not the only product in this category of screw extractors, just search for “screw extractor” on amazon.com, homedepot.com or any other reputed site and you have range of BRANDED products to suit your need, plus they have fairly genuine reviews about the products. You can choose one from these sites. One of the user who reviewer says all the screws shown in the commercial were not rusted, therefore not really stuck, these can be removed by cheaper left handed drill bits. We strongly suggest buying Speedout from a store nearby where you can return the product in case it doesn’t work for you. You may end up paying more for s/h if you have to return the Speedout extractor. Also telemarketers are known to upsell other items that may be of no use (in this case Light Bulb) as one of the reviewer pointed out here.


What do I get?

  • 4 SpeedOut Extractor Tools
  • Ease Out Light Bulb Extractor (Pay additional: $6.95) – Safely removes broken light bulbs from sockets. Features protective shield, no tape balls, potatoes or risk.
  • Lifetime Guarantee. If it ever breaks, it will be replaced.

All this for just $14.95 + P & H Official website 4speedout.com | BuySpeedOut.com

31 thoughts on “SpeedOut Reviews and Complaints

  1. I bought a set when it first was offered on T.v. with the lifetime warranty. But when I got it, I was curious why they never sent info on how to get it replaced if you needed too. If someone has that info that I need to return this or have it warranted that would be great! I have been using them. Sometimes they work and other times they do not. One broke on me inside an engine head bolt. I eventually had to take the head in to get the broken extractor and original bolt out.

  2. Speedout is a waste of money. I tried to use it to remove stubborn screws from a teak adrondiack chair, and it would not work as directed. Even the “titanium edition” is worthless. Don’t waste your money!

    • Is speedout titanium ain’t worth the money that you pay for it it don’t work really it’s a bunch of crap

  3. Speedout is a waste of money. I tried to use it to remove stubborn screws from a teak adrondiack chair, and it would not work as directed. Even the “titanium edition” is worthless. Don’t waste your money!

  4. Not worth anything.Cheap Cheap Cheap Made in China I really should have known better. a waste of time and money Cheap steel would not drill out first screw .WORTHLESS

  5. bought the other day at Home Depot to pull old rusty screws from an RV….. worthless…..

    not only does the drilling side of the bit cut like I’m trying to drill with a wooden dowl, the extractor side won’t bite at all when I finally DID get one head drilled….. worthless….

    it’s going back to Home Depot…………..

  6. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP! I was trying this on the first of two wood screws I had to remove and following instructions I broke 2 of the smaller bits almost immediately. At first they just spun, the “drill” didn’t dig in the metal and the extractor broke off in pieces. Why do we keep buying cheap Chinese crap? Wish I’d read these reviews first. $10 or so bucks at Wahlgreens “As seen on TV isle” so I wasn’t out too much. BLUF: Don’t buy them.

  7. Worst purchase I have ever made. I am a field service tech installing point of sale and I run into lots of stripped out screws. I picked up a speedout kit from Home Depot and I have this far tried it on a couple dozen screws, all well within the size parameters listed on this site. So far I have yet to see this product work even once. So I’m still just cutting the stripped out screws off with an angle grinder. It’s not even worth the hassle to return the worthless garbage. Do not waste your money on this useless junk.

  8. Has anyone just went to walmart and bought one because they sell Speed Out there for the exact same $19.95 and you don’t deal with any of the company garbage that everyone is complaining about. Theres no wait and if it doesn’t work for what you want you can return it …. is everyone that lazy that they think that off the 800 number is the only way to get it or thru their wacky website …lol. Go to walmart and buy it there outright then they have called and dealt with the shady company and your credit info isn’t out there like one person mentioned. I am about to buy the Speedout Screw Extractor outright and will say whether or not its good I need it for a broken bolt on and engine a small lill bolt not very tight.

  9. DO NOT order unless your bank account can take the hit. It is definitely not worth the aggravation weather the product works or not. After I ordered I didn’t get the product so I called customer service. The worst excuse for customer service I have ever dealt with.

    I was told my order did not go through. I was told to order again because the first one was no good. I was promised that I would not be placing two orders and that I would not incur double charges to my account. Well, THEY LIED!

    I received one order in April and another in May. I was charged for both of course. They expect me to send one back AT MY OWN EXPENSE to get a refund even though it was THEIR SCREW UP.

    Now I don’t trust them NOT to send another order EVERY MONTH and to charge me every month for another order.


  10. I ordered 3 more than a month ago.. received my billed credit card yesterday. Called, order was sent back to the company because they put the wrong city, state on the order.. They were going to charge me again for express delivery..Was given an order number to track. Sounds like this company has some problems. I’ll let you know.

  11. Just received the SpeedOut Screw /extractor Tool and immediately tried to remove 2 screws from a dog door frame. These are not rusted and are screwed in to soft wood. The problem has been that they are the type of screws which have a one way slot so that you can screw them in but not back out. I immediately tried the speed out which has hardly made a dent in the the screw top. I can get quite a bit of torque on the screw but this does not seem to help. I guess I we’ll now try to drill a hole in the screw and then use the extractor end of the chuck. Sofar, pretty much a piece of crap.

    I too got the phone call from the company trying to get me to accept all kinds of other offers but was nasty and told the caller not to sign me up for anything, just send me the Tool and hung up. That did work so I only got the piece of crap tool instead of a box of other pieces of crap. Lucky me.

    • Tom
      Don’t even put the Grabit in the same category. The grabit is a high quality product. It’s made right here in the USA. The bits work extremely well and I use them at work on a weekly basis. Their so good I even bought a set for home. Their a little bit more money but well worth it. The SpeedOut is a cheap knock-off made in China… what do you expect from that country. Rule of thumb always buy your tools that are made in the USA.

      • JC- thanks for letting Tom know about the differences. Speedout took the same video originally shot for the Grabit and is using it with license. The big difference as JC points out is Speedout is made in China and Grabit Pro is Made here in the USA.

        This is in addition to the benefit of not receiving the wrong product, wrong quantity or getting calls back from us trying to get you to sign up for other offers.

  12. I’m sorry to sound like a know it all or paint with broad brush, but anyone who orders from a website ANY product that says “wait.. order now and we will double your order” or ” order now and in addition we will send you this or that and” “all you have to do is pay additional shipping and handling” has never figured out that most of that crap you order has at least a 300% markup and the shipping and handling can double the price. Also, remember, they have your name, your address, your phone #, your credit card #, your expiration date and your security code. Any one who works at this place (probably India or Malaysia) can easily steal that info and charge anything they want at any time or sell it to others. YOU gave them that info voluntarily. If you think this is really a good product and just what you need to remove stripped screws, it would be cheaper to hire a professional carpenter and let him or her remove the stripped screws thereby preventing you from getting SCREWED. (Pun intended)

    If you are foolish enough to hand out your personal credit info knowing they are going to tack on all kind of charges, and the only thing you can do is dispute it with your credit card company or just mark it up as experience, then you deserve what you get. Cheap shit from China that will only work for a short time, no exchanges, no refunds. You are just that much poorer. These people are liars, thieves, bullshiters, and work in sweatshops just like the little children you hear about in India. They don’t give a damn about you or anything else. The just want money. YOUR MONEY. So the next time you hear”order now and we will……” WALK AWAY. LOOK AT YOU WALLET. The money will still be there. Buy someone who is homeless a meal. Give it to a charity. But don’t give it to liars, thieves, and worthless people who send you cheap shit from China that probably won’t do the job as you expect and will quit working without any warranty.

    It’s your money, so piss it away anyway you want.

  13. I orderd this speedout product over 7 weeks ago and have not gotten it yet. my adress is 1809 7th street and my cell phone # is 951 452 1627. please respond to this request , as I need to know when I will get it, the phone number to customer service directs me to a phone number that I cannot figure out. product has been paid for but not recieved.

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