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What is SnapTrap?

It is a patent pending single handed strap that instantly straps and keeps anything together. SnapTrap promises to be easy to use! With SnapTrap you can strap anything together with one hand and then simply pull the tab and SnapTrap comes right off. Does SnapTrap work as promised? Only its reviews will reveal the truth.


How does SnapTrap work?

It maintains to instantly loop and hold for a fast handle making it easy to carry anything which is a promise that can only be substantiated once SnapTrap reviews come out.

Made with military grade hook & loop with an Inner core of US steel, SnapTrap proclaims to have immense strength and durability. Is it really that strong and durable? SnapTrap reviews will reveal that for us.

Great for keeping shopping bags together, perfect for strapping around your extension cord, ideal to secure your tools, to snap your purse to shopping carts, perfect for travel to attach your briefcase to your bag, use in your closet to double your space, perfect for boating, RV’s, hunting, camping fishing and so much more! Does it sound too good to be true? Snap Trap reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Snap Trap claims to be designed to fit all shapes and sizes! This claim can be proved only after we analyse the SnapTrap reviews.

SnapTrap Review

Glenn Wilson writes in his SnapTrap review that it is cheap and he feels he wasted his money buying it.

In his SnapTrap review Robin Scott urges people not to buy it, especially for the price. He says it’s barely 3/8 inches wide which isn’t mentioned in the description.

Johnny Snyder complains in his review of SnapTrap that it is very thin, and not the best adhesion.

Bob Green is happy with the SnapTrap and states in her review- “Love the length. It’s easy to use”.

Jimmy Davis mentions in his review of SnapTrap – “They didn’t seem to hold. I don’t know if the material used is a little too ‘slippery’. Luckily I had 6 straps on my load. One had come off with the wind (Load on top of my SUV) so I pulled over and put it back in place”.


What do I get?
8 SnapStraps for $19.99 + $7.99 S/h at the Official website:

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