Sling It

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What is Sling It

Sling It is an innovative tool that allows you to lift heavy objects with ease by lightening the load by as much as 60% and doubling your lifting power
Lifting loads and shovelling is apparently made very easy and comfortable with Sling It, the revolutionary tool that claims to make your load lighter by 60%. You can now apparently lift boxes without handles easily or shovel with just one hand with Sling It. One of the main problems of lifting heavy stuff is sore back and arms but Sling It claims to take the pain out of shovelling and lifting loads.

Easy to use and multipurpose

Sling It promises to be very easy to use. All one needs to do is just slide the tension chord on the shoulder, harness and lift the load. Sling It has a simple design to the shoulder harness that keeps your back straight while lifting so that you don’t get sore arms and back whether you shovel the snow, use a chainsaw, carry buckets or bags, yard tools or even gardening purposes.


Comfortable and adjustable grip

Sling It is said to have a padded strap that grips your shoulder comfortably and strongly. Sling It is meant to have adjustable straps that can fit anyone. It supposedly gives you an extra hand to open doors or lets you have one hand or even both the hands free so that you can take calls while carrying the laundry bag or sign on a roster while carrying the gym bag.

Ergonomic design gives you an extra hand

Sling It claims to have an engineered design that transfers the load you lift from your arms to the core in the same manner as a backpack transfers the weight from the arms to the back. Sling It is supposedly designed in a way that the box that usually weighs 25 lbs when you carry it normally will weigh just about 6 lbs when you carry it with Sling It thereby allowing doubling your lifting power instantly.


What do I get ?
You can get Sling-It for just $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H
Official website


5 thoughts on “Sling It

  1. I purchased this Sling It from the website on Oct.4th. After seeing it advertised on TV. I do have a confirmation and order number, but there are no phone numbers on this page I printed out. After 2 weeks and not hearing I decided to look at the website for a number, this website is nowhere to be found. Nowhere except here where you give the website, which has disappeared…please someone from this website can you contact me and help…Please.

  2. I also ordered the Sling-it on Oct. 4th, and have not received anything…I do have an order number but nothing else…and I cannot find anything on the internet, only sites like this, its like it all disappeared…I also hope my order didn’t get processed, it there is anyone here to help with this matter please assist.

  3. I ordered THREE Sling-It’s on-line on 03 OCT 13. I have not received an email confirmation …..just an order number on the website page. Now I cannot even find the webpage and/or find the product anywhere on the internet? I cannot find a phone number or anything to reach this company.”As Seen on TV” is the only place this product now comes up. I want confirmation that the order will be sent and/or that my order WILL NOT go be processed! Please assist.

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