SKIL Ratch-N-Lock

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What is SKIL Ratch-N-Lock?

It is a wonder hand tool that can self-adjust, lock and ratchet pliers. It can easily replace the dozens of tools in your toolbox.


A single hand tool to replace numerous tools

SKIL Ratch-N-Lock guarantees that you no longer have to dig through your bulky toolbox to find the right kind of tool for a project. It also claims to be a single tool that has scores of uses because it functions as a one of a kind self-adjusting ratcheting and locking pliers. SKIL Ratch-N-Lock assures you that it is a ratchet, clamp, groove joint plier, locking plier, adjustable wrench and almost every socket all in a single hand tool. SKIL Ratch-N-Lock has an innovative dual-pivot design that gives it incredible gripping power. It further claims to have parallel jaws that has the ability to automatically adjust, lock and ratchet on anything you want.


Great for DIY as well as professional projects

The spring loaded cams of SKIL Ratch-N-Lock promise to help you finish off projects within minutes and help you in do-it-yourself projects like fixing your bike chains or plumbing projects by a professional tradesman. It maintains that it needs just three steps to work – grip, lock and ratchet with the spring loaded jaws and that you can operate it with just one hand making it an extremely easy to use tool so that you can do most home improvement chores by yourself instead of calling a professional and spending money.

Extremely versatile and durable

To help you with most jobs at home, SKIL Ratch-N-Lock maintains that it can clamp onto various objects in your house and ratchet on to almost all kinds of nuts and bolts. It promises to be made of strong steel construction to last for a long time. SKIL Ratch-N-Lock also states to have ergonomic plastic handles and rubber over mold that are oil-resistant and anti-slo[ to give you great grip every time and ideal for any situation like working in a garage and your hands smeared with grease. You can also apply maximum pressure to lock on to object easily without slipping.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Ratch-N-Lock for $19.99 plus $5.99 S&H
  • You also get Skil 22-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set
  • Official website:
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