Scratch Aide Review

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What is Scratch Aide?

Scratch Aide is a wood scratch mender that claims to match all kinds of scratches on any wood perfectly. Whether light, medium or dark, coarse or fine grain finish, Scratch Aide promises to do away with scratches perfectly. Whether light, medium or dark wood or even coarse wood or fine grain, Scratch Aide assures to treat them all easily and perfectly. There are not ample Scratch Aide reviews to substantiate this claim.


Scratch-Aide Customer REVIEWS

John Lawson mentions in his review – “Scratch-Aide’s a complete fraud. The $10 product actually costs you $17.95 as non-refundable shipping and handling charges. DON’T BUY!”

Mark Hall states in his review – “The Scratch-Aide guys cheat through their website. If you click past page one, your order is placed automatically, and they even start adding more items to it. It’s a big scam.”

Bob Burns complains in his review – “Scratch-Aide’s a gag. It simply doesn’t work no matter what you do. Don’t even try it.”

Ethan Duncan states in his review – “Scratch-Aide doesn’t do whatever its manufacturers proclaim. The scratches may become less visible, but it does nothing extraordinary. It works only on light scratches. That’s about it.”

Michael WARD complains in his review – “I diligently followed the instructions given while using Scratch-Aide after purchasing it. The scratches started disappearing and I was happy. But imagine my shock when they resurfaced the next day! I’m still puzzled and wondering how something like this can happen… I used almost half of the bottle of Scratch-Aide remove the scratches, but it didn’t work.”

AMY COLLINS shares her views – “I used Scratch-Aide on three different surfaces but it didn’t work on any! It just left a shiny texture, which I’m sure will disappear soon. Scratch-Aide is such a farce!”

Benjamin Thompson tried Scratch-Aide and this is his verdict – “Scratch-Aide doesn’t work as claimed by the promoters (bad case of oversight on the users’ part. A virtue like trust doesn’t pay these days, I’m afraid). Delivery of the order takes too long. The client service is awful, and the request sums are way too high. As for the Terms and Conditions, the lesser said, the better. And you end up paying an unbelievable $24.90 for it ($12.90 S&H $2 “web charge”. Oh, wait. The cost of the product is $10 only). Get the picture? And the contents? Well, here they are: 1 container of the Dutch Glow Scratch-Aide Scratch Mender, microfiber cleaning and cleaning glove and wood butter (supposed to fill and hide breaks and scratches)”

Alexander Carter – “Before you purchase Scratch-Aide, go through the 30-day discount approach carefully. It proclaims that you pay really less less shipping and handling charges. But in reality that means if you wish to return it, you’ll actually lose more in shipping and handling than what you benefit from the discount given. And before you even include the total amount, you’ll have paid extra to send it back to the seller.”

Gabriel Turner says – “Scratch-Aide didn’t remove any scratches from my coffee table. Ultimately, I had to use scratch pens to cover them up. Such a waste of time and money!”

Daniel Barnes shares his Scratch-Aide experience – “Scratch-Aide can remove only very light scratches. You need to be very careful if you’re using the filler. It shouldn’t spill out of cracks. Also, avoid using the spatula to level it. It won’t work even if you use the oil provided by them.”

Mason Sanders mentions in his review – “If you have deep scratches, don’t use Scratch-Aide. It will just not help.”

Scratch Aide REVIEW

The Scratch-Aide website does not give you the option of reviewing your order before your purchase. It also does not refund shipping charge which is really the cost of shipping and material. They only make money; this is how they do business. The no review part of the order site shows that they do not think their product is very good. If it was good they would not have to sell it with no chance to change your mind. It’s best not to purchase any Dutch glow products because of the bad business practice of the company. Do not use any product from the company.

The cost of the TV advertised package of Dutch glow scratch repair kit is $10 plus S&H but an additional $2 for web surcharge fee is added. Also the 3 eraser sponges were to be included but another S&H charge for them is added. A purchase of $17 will actually work up to a $27.94 purchase.

It’s not understandable why they charge an additional S&H for sponges when they all come in one package, and the $2 charge for web fee. You will not know these about these fees until you finalize your order.

When you place an online order for Scratch Aide you will be repeatedly asked to purchase other products. Also you will not be able to delete the “3 Bonus eraser sponges” which are advertised to be free for additional shipping ($7.99). So even if you do not want them, you will still not be able to remove them from the list. So you will have to place the order anyway. After placing the order you will receive a telephone call “in regard to your order” thanking you for the order and also offering you another “AMAZING OFFER” free to try for 14 days. But then it will be automatically billed to your credit card. Then a second ‘supervisor’ will get on the line and ask you to “confirm” your full credit card number. If they are from the Scratch Aide Company they should already have this information. You may end up cancelling your entire order because of the business practices of the company. Even after cancelling your order and receiving a cancellation email and requesting to be out on the “do-not-call-list” you may still receive calls from third-party marketers. The company claims that these calls from third-party marketers are made to every Scratch Aide customer! It is a shame that they allow this to happen!

Our Verdict

Scratch-aide is not the only wood scratch remover in the market so you need not buy this product. There are several loopholes with the Scratch-aide offer. Please note that the official Scratch-aide website does not mention anything about the ingredients of the Scratch-aide, probably because they know that if they reveal that information that would be disillusioning to the gullible people who think it is some miracle product that is going to renew your furniture.

Also they do not mention the quantity of the product in the tube probably because it lasts for just a few uses.

Should you buy Scratch-Aide? Nope!! As mentioned earlier Scratch-aide is not a unique product. There are tons of wood renewing products available on which are tried and tested. We recommend trying one of those products and don’t get scammed by the Scratch-aide product.

Scratch-aide Claims

Unlike expensive refinishing or ineffective wood crayons, Scratch Aide maintains to be easy to use. The pen like tube of Scratch Aide can allegedly be run over the scratch and the wood butter will fill the gouge or crack. Scratch Aide maintains to go on clear and absorb the existing stain of the scratch. This action of Scratch Aide alleges to make the scratch disappear.


Wipe the scratches on wood away
It’s quite commonplace to have scratches on the furniture whether by a cat scratching the door, the chair gouging the hardwood floor or kids damaging the dining table. But now the scratch mender Scratch Aide convinces to give you perfect results of getting rid of scratches on the wood. How far this tall claim is true can only be ascertained after user reviews. Refurnishing a scratched piece of furniture is too expensive and wood crayons and markers do not give a precise result. But Scratch Aide assures to restore the furniture in seconds and at the fraction of a cost. This sounds too good to be true, so it would be more sensible to wait for user reviews. You can allegedly get your flooring, doors or furniture back to life with Scratch Aide easily and inexpensively. This claim can be taken seriously only after reading reviews. The manufacturers claim that by just a simple application of Scratch Aide over the scratch on the furniture, it will be restored to being brand new. Persuasive as the claim may sound, one needs to verify with user reviews.



Works on all kinds of furniture and wood
By going clear and absorbing the scratch, Scratch Aide alleges to make the stain of the scratch disappear like it was never there. Such a fanciful claim will be revealed only with user reviews. Even if the scratches are extreme and deep, Scratch Aide guarantees to get rid of them completely. Does that sound too fanciful? Reviews will expose if that’s true. Not just that, Scratch Aide emphasizes to be better than wood crayon because the colors make the scratches reappear but not by this scratch mender. Instead of blindly believing the claim, it needs to be analyzed by reviews. The scratch mender convinces to work great on flooring, kitchen cabinet, wood door, tables and chair. Such a far-fetched claim might be exposed soon. No matter how many scratches your furniture experiences, the scratch mender assures to fill them up all fast and easy. Did Scratch Aide deliver what it promised to? Write in your reviews and tell us.


What do I get?
You get Scratch + Aide Scratch Mender and Scratch + Aide Scratch Butte plus Microfiber Dusting and Polishing Mitt for $10 plus $12.9 S&P.Official website


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7 thoughts on “Scratch Aide Review

  1. Because I order this product I am receiving magazines that I don’t want and I am having hard time stopping the subscriptions.

  2. SCAM Do Not Buy; this is my bill below which I received after I checked out. Shipping and Processing twice on same bill one is for free erasers. I sent them email within minutes of order and they responded 3 day later so sorry your two late.

    Quantity Item Description Unit Price Amount
    2 SA00 SCRATCH MENDER $10.00 $20.00
    Shipping & Processing $7.95 $15.90
    2 SA01 FREE WOOD BUTTER $0.00 $0.00
    Shipping & Processing $0.00 $0.00
    2 SA021 FREE MICROFIBER CLOTH $0.00 $0.00
    Shipping & Processing $0.00 $0.00
    2 SA022 BONUS 3 ERASER SPONGES $0.00 $0.00
    Shipping & Processing $7.99 $15.98
    1 SA11 DUTCH GLOW WITH SPRAY PUMP $10.00 $10.00
    Shipping & Processing $1.95 $1.95
    Shipping & Processing $2.00 $2.00
    Sub Total $30.00
    Tax $0.00
    Order Total $65.83

  3. Ordered the tv advertized package of dutch glow scratch repair kit. The cost was to be $10 plus S&H. They also added $2 for web surcharge fee, and the 3 eraser sponges were to be included but they added another S&H charge for them. What was to be a $17. purchase came to a $27.94 purchase.
    I don’t understand why they charge S&H for sponges when they all come in one package, and the $2. charge for web fee.
    I didn’t know about these fees until I finalized my order.

  4. ordered the product on sat 2/28 and the time it took to place the order was endless..constantly asking to add additional products…it was tooooo long…i still don’t know what i was charged and the recording wasn’t working as instructed….please email me on what i am being charged….only wanted 1 thing

    • On Monday March 30 2015 I placed an online order for scratchaide. During the order process i was repeatedly asked to purchased other products and I was not able to delete the “3 Bonus eraser sponges” which were advertised to be free for additional shipping ($7.99). I did not want them in the first place but was not able to remove them from the list. I placed the order anyway. Then on Friday April 3 2015 I received a telephone call “in regard to my order”. The first man said he wanted to thank me for the order and had another “AMAZING OFFER” free to try for 14 days then automatically billed to my credit card. Then a second ‘supervisor’ got on the line and asked me to “confirm” my full credit card number! To which I replied if “you are from the scratchaide company you already have this info. He hemmed and hawed and tried to back out so I told him to just cancel my entire order that I did not approve of their business practices and wanted my ordered cancelled! He tried to switch me to customer service but I refused and demanded that he cancel the order and email me a copy of the cancellation and that i was going to contact my credit card company and stop any and all payments then hung up on him. I immediately called customer service for scratchaide and they were closed for the holiday!!!! I immediately sent an email requesting cancellation of my order. The next business day I called customer service again, spoke to a representative told her the story and she cancelled my order and instantly sent a cancellation email while on the phone with me. She explained that it was third-party marketers that called and they do it to every scratchaide customer! She put my name and number on the “do-not-call-list”. A short while later I received an email in response to the one I sent on friday requesting cancellation. It is a shame that they allow this to happen! I feel sorry for all those who got scammed. And I have since seen this product in the local ‘As Seen On TV’ store in the mall.

      • The email they provide does not work. I ordered it 15 minutes ago and am trying to cancel. Can you send me the phone number you used to contact them?

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