Roto Punch Review

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Do you need an extra hole in your favorite belt? You don’t have to run to a professional for a simple task like that and pay a lot of money for it. Neither will you have to discard your expensive belt because making that extra hole in it is ever so simple with Roto Punch. It’s a three in one tool that’s perfect for punching holes, fixing snaps and adding eyelets in a matter of seconds. With the help of Roto Punch you will be able to mend things at home and literally do hundreds of jobs around the house.


Roto Punch
With Roto Punch you have five different options to choose from while making that perfect hole in your belt. But Roto Punch can be used not only on leather but plastic and vinyl too. This multipurpose tool can be used to replace snaps from pockets or purses that can get worn out over time. You also have the option of creating amazing eyelets on your shoes, dresses or any other material, giving it that extra funky touch. Roto Punch can be used to fix your footwear or outdoor gear and it also helps you add customized bands on your watches. Roto Punch is an absolutely indispensable tool for you.



What do I get?
You can buy Roto Punch with 75 assorted snaps and eyelets for $10 plus processing and handling fee of $7.95 at You can get another Roto Punch and 75 assorted snaps and eyelets with your offer by paying additional shipping and handling fee of $7.95.



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29 thoughts on “Roto Punch Review

  1. It is so very easy to find reviews of products on the internet but it is just as difficult, or maybe even impossible, to find a genuine review. I was browsing the net for “Roto Punch reviews” and on entering the keywords I did find many websites reviewing the product. When I went through them I didn’t feel right about them because they were all such flattering reviews about the product along with a “Buy Now” button. I did click on the button in the hope of finding good reviews but was led straight to other websites where I could buy the products without really reading its review. It didn’t take me long to know that these fake review websites were all manufacturer promoted websites. Then I found this website and finally my search for the right review ended here.

    • This is what is called SEO. In the name of reviews people are cheated by being given glaring content about a product that may not even be worth anything. This happens because it is quite easy to cheat search engines, which cannot separate a genuine review from a fake one. So scammers just exploit the loopholes in the search engines and use it to promote their products. It’s actually the affiliates of the manufacturers of products who flood the internet with fake reviews like the one you mentioned to sell their products to people and get a heft commission from the sales. Such malpractices are quite commonplace and really unfortunate.

  2. Wow, Thanks everyone for setting me straight on this. Especially liked comment about the “WHEEL” lol. You convinced me. Knew it sounded to good to be true, saved this girl a LOT of trouble and money

  3. I have a great new idea for the marketers of rotor punch! I call it a WHEEL! It’s like this round thing you can put on your wagon or car and it makes it move a lot easier! Just think, you will no longer have to drag your car or truck by hand! With this wheel, you can sit inside it and roll right along! And you can get it for $9.95 + $2000.00 shipping and handling! And if you order in the next five minutes, we’ll send you a second one free! That’s right, FREE! Just pay shipping and handling!! Hurry call 1-800-usu-ckerit now yo get your free wheel!!

  4. This product is horrible! NO, this product isn’t a handy mending solution! NO, Roto Punch isn’t convenient! NO, you can’t add new dimension to your outfits with eyelets with the Roto Punch! NO, this was in no way a good value for my money! YES YES YES, I had difficulties using the Roto Punch!!!

    The Roto Punch is poorly made, it doesn’t line up!
    The snaps do not work.
    The rivets do not work.
    The Roto Punch doesn’t line up so the punch feature is a failure!


  5. Any way I am glad that you canceled my order, cause I found a store that sell for much less than advertise. Thanks once again and have a good day.. Ben

  6. I ordered a Roto Punch sometime on March 3 2012, with a confirmation # 15963373 and order # 454232012134200002 , but to my surprise I found that my order has been cancelled . can you give me a reason why it’s been cancelled.

    Yours Truly
    Ben Alpahando

  7. Every farm had one of these in the 1940’s. Great for working on harness. There is a 6 size rotary hole punch for $1.18 on It doesn’t install eyelets though.

  8. I wanted to check the Roto Punch reviews before I purchase this product. It baffles me that these TV ads continue to scam so many people. Why is there no regulations? The S&H should be in bold just like any other information in the ad. Also, the total needs to be confirmed before the credit card is charged. Please advocate for true and fair practices.

    I will wait to find this product in BBB or Target.

  9. I meant to say in my comment not what they have been charged, but what they had charged me, which was double the amount.

  10. I had just ordered the Roto Punch which is stated on their web-site TV. As: You will get the Roto Punch, 150 assorted eyelets & snaps for only $10 plus $7.95 processing and handling. Plus we are going to double the entire offer and send you a second RotoPunch and 150 more assorted eyelets and snaps free, just pay the separate $7.95 processing and handling.

    That=$25.95 which does include the second p&h of $7.95. So $795 x 2 = $15.95 Plus the $10.00 for the Roto Punch, which should had only come to $25.95 NOT $51.80 which is what they’ve just been charged. In my personal opinion when you get charged for more than what’s been advertized, that’s false advertizing, and I’m sure it’s illegal.

    • How many quantities did you select. I think you you must have ordered 2 sets. One set (quantity) has 2 Roto Punch Mending Solution + 300 Assorted Eyelets & Snaps and this costs $25.95. So for 2 sets they will charge you $51.90. The whole website and the ordering system is a trap.

  11. This is a huge scam. I ordered this over the phone and they advertised for $9.95. They hit my bank account for $68.00. I am calling my bank tomorrow.

    • Hi David,

      I too just ordered this item, over the internet, it shows that when you order one then the second one is FREE! Which should had come to $26.00 which includes the second separate $7.95 processing handling charge, as advertized on TV/ETC. So were looking at $10.00 plus the second handling charges of $7.95 =@26.00, Anyway, they just charged me double the amount $51.90 I tried calling contacting them to cancel the order but you can’t get a hold of anyone for now.

      This is what it say’s on the Internet/TV. You will get the Roto Punch , 150 assorted eyelets & snaps for only $10 plus $7.95 processing and handling. Plus we are going to double the entire offer and send you a second Roto Punch and 150 more assorted eyelets and snaps free, just pay the separate $7.95 processing and handling.

      There Number I received on the Billing are two numbers: (1-866-879-3760) & 1-800-334-0573 Mon-Fri 8:00am-10:00pm this last number I gave you is on my bill.

      Hope this can help, I know it’s just a Leather Punch, but I wanted the extra Mending Solution 150 More Assorted Eyelets & Snaps, which is offered on their site:

      Limited Time Web Only Special!

      Roto Punch Mending Solution

      FREE Bonus
      150 Assorted Eyelets & Snaps

      DOUBLE OFFER (Just pay separate P&H)
      2nd Roto Punch Mending Solution
      150 More Assorted Eyelets & Snaps

    • Hi Chris,

      I sent you an email just a few minutes ago with a couple numbers, but noticed that I called you by the name of David sorry. Anyway, I hope that email helps.

  12. Just wanted to let people know, that is a leather punch. It has been around for horses for probably 100 years. You can go get one for 2.99 at a local tack shop. What a scam!!

    • EXACTLY!! What are people thinking? This punch has been around for ages and being re-marketed as a new invention. GEEZE!

  13. I placed an order for s/2 but when I seen the total decided not to order those. I never finalized the order but went back and ordered only 1. When I checked my email they had placed an order for both making a total of three. I can’t contact them for 24 to 48 hours. They don’t give a phone number. I’m beginning to think they are not a legitimate company.
    I will be stuck for return postage plus the original if I cannot contact them.

      • Yes, the fact that it will cost you more than $10 IS advertised, if you look and listen! The commercial states that you must pay a S&H charge. That right there tells you it will be more than $10 … It can also be found in the fine print that is displayed on the TV screen … But, it is too small to read.

        At any rate, the item functions as advertised. Though, most folks will likely need to use both hands on thick materials. This item does not have a leverage or ratcheting feature that would take up a lot of the pressure necessary to punch through thick materials. Always soak leather products in water to soften them before punching.

  14. Review Roto Punch

    Do you think Roto Punch is a handy mending solution for you?

    Is Roto Punch convenient and safe for use?

    Can you add a new dimension to your outfits with eyelets thanks to Roto Punch?

    Do you think Roto Punch is good value for money?

    Did you have any difficulties using this product?

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