Rockwell Versacut Review

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Rockwell Versacut is an innovative new power saw that is the most powerful, versatile, and durable tool in the market today. Having the Rockwell Versacut is like having an entire workshop in the palm of your hand.


Rockwell Versacut
This revolutionary new power saw has endless number of uses and there is no other saw like the Rockwell Versacut. You can cut wood, metal, pipe, laminates, hardwood, tile, bamboo, plastic, and countless other materials with this one powerful and versatile machine.

No matter what job you use the Rockwell Versacut for it will make the job you are working on easier. Rockwell Versacut features a breakthrough design that allows you to set your cutting depth with total precision so you can cut them right where you need to.

With the Rockwell Versacut in your hand you don’t need to use saw horses, don’t have to struggle with large sheets of plywood and don’t have to carry heavy tools from here to there.

Rockwell Versacut is a compact tool and is designed with a fully enclosed blade making it one of the safest saws in the market today. It also features an onboard vacuum attachment so there is no mess left behind when you use the Rockwell Versacut. This makes Rockwell Versacut the ideal tool to use indoors so you can save clean up time.

You can use Rockwell Versacut on the job, in the shop, outside, or around the house.

Rockwell Versacut has been awarded the prestigious Editor’s Choice Awards by Popular Mechanics for outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation.

With Rockwell Versacut in the palm of your hands any job is easier and you can work faster, better, and safer.



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6 thoughts on “Rockwell Versacut Review

  1. I purchased my Rockwell Versa Cut RK3440K at a local hardware store exactly one week before it was in stock here at Amazon. I could have pre-ordered it at Amazon and waited, but I needed it for several long and tall furniture grade closets I was building for the walls of my utility room and garage.

    I had wanted a small light corded saw of this size ever since watching a carpenter use a small battery powered one as he replaced trim on my home some years back. I knew a battery model would not be economical in my limited and sporadic use as a homeowner – due to replacing batteries after long periods of disuse. The Rockwell Versa Cut is also much more powerful than the one the carpenter had, and its ten foot cord also gives good ease of reach and movement.

    The Rockwell Versa Cut only cuts to a depth of just over 1″ (1 1/16-inch), but cutting the 2×2″ stock was as simple as rotating the stock in one hand as I operated the Rockwell Versa Cut with the other. I had expected that first cut to be uneven, but it was perfectly square when I finished, and every cut I made using the Rockwell Versa Cut was perfectly square.

    As for further accuracy, an adjustable rip fence bar with marked graduations in metric and English standards is also supplied. I used it and found the graduations to be accurate with the base and blade cut. However, the laser and the “V” (blade path indication on the base) were slightly off from the actual blade cut – about a sixteenth of an inch on my Rockwell Versa Cut.

  2. I love this Rockwell Versa Cut. I am a Woodworking hobbyist and so far my largest projects were furniture for my shop. I have 9 or 10 different types of saws that I use for cutting lumber of different types and sizes, MDF, metal and plywood. In any case where possible I use the Versa Cut.

    It is the only saw I have where the laser guide (right out of the box) was right in line with my cut marks. It could be a circular saw replacement for many. The advertising tells you just about everything you need to know about the saw. Its maximum depth of cut is 1-1/16″ which creates a little challenge in order cut a 2X4, but it’s not a show stopper.

    The price includes three blades (wood, metal& tile) a really robust edge guide, a vacuum port (fits my Metro Vac perfectly), a carry bag and user guide and the tools necessary to change the blade. I’m not sure where Rockwell tools have been all my life but they make a real thoughtfully designed saw. I find my personal experience with the product so safe and efficient that I will let my wife use it too.

    I bought this hoping it would be a nice alternative to my circular saw when cutting things 1-inch thick and less. Just used it for the first time on some 3/4″ plywood and it did just what I had hoped. It has a good grip in precision cut giving pro edge to the user.

    The tools I have bought from Rockwell were in strong tool-bags rather than the typical moulded plastic boxes. I love this! Much more useful ’cause I can throw other hand tools in the bag as needed.

  3. If you are one of guys who are into the products in action then I’m sure you already have seen a sneak peek at the RK3440K Rockwell Versa Cut Well.

    We were lucky enough to test one out. Mini circular saws are not a novel technology breakthrough. Mini Circular Saw has been out for a while with great consumer following. Why a mini you ask? Well, for small quick or precision jobs they are invaluable and usually allow you to have one hand free to hold your work.
    Rockwell tools are innovative and well built; the Versa Cut is great example of this. The ergonomics of this tool are great with the over moulded grip to its weighing just 4lbs.

    On the trigger there is a safety catch that protects the blade from protruding and allows the saw to be adjusted to its maximum 1 1/16th cutting depth. You can adjust the depth with the side depth lock. The laser guide is powered by 2 watch style batteries; it was clear to see and aligned perfectly with the blade. We would like to have seen this powered from A/C power, as we are always the one to leave things on and then when you need it the batteries are dead. But this one’s got 2 year warranty.

    The tool tracked straight and accomplished every task we threw at it with ease. We cut some aluminium tubing, ripped some plywood and cut some tile and even made some plunge cuts! We recommend using 2 hands for plunge cuts to avoid kickback. The consensus was that this tool is a must have! The Versa cut is great for both the professional and the home owner.

  4. Can Rockwell Versacut cut through anything?

    Does it make any job faster and easier?

    Is it safe to use?

    Is it durable?

    Is it powerful?

    Can you use it indoors?

    Is Rockwell Versacut the best saw you have used?

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