Rockwell JawStand Review

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For most of the work that needs another hand like setting a door, constructing, etc you must be depending on someone to be with you. What if the help that you need from a person is not available and you somehow still need to get a job done? JawStand is unarguably the best solution that you can get.

How does Rockwell JawStand Work

Contractors who depend on second or third set of hands for leveling while cutting or holding sheets, wooden boards, etc can get the best out of this amazing clamp. Designed by Rockwell, leaders in solutions for construction and home solutions, JawStand provides an option to receive portable second set of hands easily.

JawStand is a highly compact solution that weighs less than 15 pounds and can be used for holding, clamping and supporting by behaving as an extension table for any job. Physically it stands at a height of 25 inches and is completely adjustable to extend till a whooping 41 inches to fit any type of requirement. It has the clamping jaw capacity of 1-3/4” and can easily support a weight of 220 pounds max. JawStand has the capacity to pivot 90 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. The feet on the tripod stand are padded with non-marring material making it completely safe to use anywhere and the body of JawStand is entirely made from sturdy steel.

JawStand’s low-friction curved plastic liners are one of the major reasons why it works amazingly well as a better extension support over rollers and suits perfectly well to support long boards hanging off while coming out of a table saw. Also its compact nature can be assembled and disassembled almost 30 seconds making the idea of setting the next project an instant one. The jaws are solid and has spring-loaded screw clamp at the center of jaw that creates a 3-point clamping action. JawStand also comes with a built-in level bubble that insures that the level and balance required for the project is maintained consistently. Thus if one is looking for a second set of hands on any construction project stop looking and get JawStand.



What do I get?

  • JawStand

All this for $69.99 Official website



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