Rockwell Blade Runner Saw Review

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In the past, it was a lot of work to make one easy cut – you would have to get out the saw, pull out the extension cord, set up the horses, make the cut, and clean up the mess. Well, not anymore. The amazing Blade Runner eliminates all of this. The Blade Runner Saw mounts to your wall. It is always set up and always ready. You just walk up to the machines, turn it on, and make your cut. The Blade Runner Saw is fast, convenient, and easy to use. You will save both time and hassle.


How does Blade Runner Saw work?
In the past, you would need separate saws for wood, metal, and tile. With the Blade Runner, you can cut all three by simple changing the blades. Changing blades takes less than 3 seconds. You can go from wood to metal or metal to tile in one simple motion. Other tools are limited to straight cuts only. With the Blade Runner, you have no limitations. You can make straight cuts, curved cuts or any other kind of cut in nearly all types of materials.

Even better, the vacuum hose attachable allows you to hook up any shop vac directly to the Blade Runner, eliminating all the mess. There is no clean up necessary. It is one of the most versatile saws you can ever own. It comes with a stainless steel work surface, an adjustable safety guard that covers the blades, a magnetic drawer for blade storage, a miter gauge for angled cuts, a rip fence for straight cuts, variable speeds for controlled cuts, and inside is Rockwell’s highest quality professional grade motor. With the Blade Runner, you won’t need a workbench. With the optional wall mount, the it mounts directly to your wall. It is convenient and saves garage space.

The Blade Runner is portable. It can be removed from the wall in one simple motion and easily transported to the job site. Holding material with one hand and handling the saw in the other can be dangerous. With the Blade Runner, you can keep both hands on your work. It’s safer and your cuts are more accurate. Every project has a few difficult cuts that will slow you down. The versatility of the Blade Runner allows you to solve these problems quickly and easily.



What do I get?
Rockwell Blade Runner Jig Saw, Multi-Purpose Precision Cutter with Wall Mount for $179.99 + Free Shipping



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Blade Runner Saw Video


5 thoughts on “Rockwell Blade Runner Saw Review

  1. Purchased Rockwell Bladerunner several months ago and just got around to trying it out. VERY dissapointed. Does not cut straight, even thru just 3/4 wood. The arm over the blade keeps coming up even tho I tightened it till on the verge of breaking the knob. Doest’t work as easy as shown on t.v. The miter gauge wobbles in the t-track. It is useless. NOT worth the money.

  2. I just bought a Rockwell Blade Runner Saw for Xmas. The Saw went together well but I was disappointed that it only came with four blades and was missing the other ones they said on tv. Was also disappointed it did not come with circle cutter. I hate tv ads they don’t tell you that every thing else is extra.

  3. The Rockwell Blade Runner RK7320 Cutting Machine is a really ingenious idea. It really is a combination of a jigsaw, scroll saw and band saw, all in one variable speed machine. The setup looks a lot like a scroll saw with a larger table, including two miter slots (and an adjustable miter gauge), but it uses standard T-shank jigsaw blades. The head of the unit contains a dust port to which a dust collection hose can be attached, as well as a pair of band saw-like guide rollers.

    While there are a couple of features that could use a little tweaking, overall, I was impressed with the versatile Blade Runner.

    I picked up one of these for Christmas and the product met my requirement to the t. You get what you pay for. This will never replace any of the tools you currently have. Table saws, band saws, scroll saws, and chop saws are all perfectly designed to do what they do.

    This is however a pretty convenient middle of the road for quick and easy cuts that needs to be made during most small home repair projects. The integrated mounting and dust control makes it quicker, quieter, and easier to use than hauling out the table saw.

    You’re never going to build a cabinet nordo full weekends project with this thing. But I’ve found myself using it frequently for those small, quick, and sometimes late night cuts where I’d typically reach for a handsaw.

    The TV video sure does a great selling job. It makes everything look so easy. I already have all their listed pieces of equipment they mentioned that this Blade runner was to replace. Feels funny but technology is gripping its way up to simplified category with multitask doers to have mulch-functioning tools and gear sets.

  4. We sell solid oak key chains and there is alot of turning making a tiny circle for “G” and “C” turn around on the spot like a scroll saw. the key chain is 1/2 by 3/4 do you think it would work.

  5. Does the Blade Runner mount to the wall easily?

    Can you cut wood, metal, and tile?

    Is changing blades on the Blade Runner simple?

    Can you make different types of cuts on different materials?

    Do you need a workbench?

    Is it easy to use?

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