Renovator Deluxe Kit Review

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Renovations and quick fix maintenance jobs at home are messy and painful especially with the need of so many tools for each specific work. Getting a professional help for smaller jobs is definitely a very costly affair and thus you would need to keep your toolkit perfect and ready for any kind of job. But honestly how many types of power tools would you store at home and how well do they perform when desired? Well, the answer is not that positive but since there is no other option satisfactory results are acceptable.


Renovator Deluxe Kit
The Renovator – Deluxe kit is a multi-tool kit which is great at any type of maintenance or renovation work and better than any other conventional power tools. The secret is in its oscillating technology which provides oscillations of 15,000 to 21,000 times per minute. This high speed movement generates enough power to provide precise cutting action and is safer than any spinning or reciprocating tools. It has oscillation options of 6 different speed settings to suit the job type and provides up to 8 different angles in which the accessory blade can be attached.

The Renovator – Deluxe Kit can do anything with its wide variety of 37 piece accessories which includes processes like sawing, cutting, sanding and scraping. It has E Cut Saw Blades to cut through wood, plastic, metal, gib boards, nails, thin copper pipe and plastic pipes. It can be equipped with a Triangular Rasp to remove any type of grout and paint from between tiles and walls. It can also be attached to a delta sanding pad to provide sanding and also be attached with E-Scraper Blade to remove lino, carpets, corking and any other adhesive material with ease. There are many other blades like Delta Sanding Pad, Diamond Tile Cutter and Semi-Circular Saw Blade for every unique purpose. Thus Renovator – Deluxe Kit is the perfect replacement for a lot of tools that too in a single kit and saves cost since it comes at an astonishing low price.

Power tools which can spin or reciprocate different blades are introduced in the market with multi-performance features but are not that effective and can be dangerous while handling. Imagine all the possible tools you would require minus the disadvantages of current power tools available. Well that imagination is now a reality with the new Renovator – Deluxe Kit.



What do I get?

  • The Renovator Mulit-Tool
  • Vacuum Attachment
  • Instruction DVD
  • Instruction Manual
  • Allen Key
  • Renovator Carry Case
  • 37 Piece Accessory Kit

Accessory Kit Includes

  • 6x E-Cut Saw Blades
  • Semi-circular Saw Blade
  • Scrapping Blade
  • Grout Removal Tool
  • Diamond Tile Cutter
  • Triangular Rasp
  • Buffer Pad
  • 24 Sanding Sheets
  • Delta Sanding Pad

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Renovator Deluxe Kit Video


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