Rapid Edge Review

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About Rapid Edge

Rapid Edge claims to be a tool to let you create perfect trim lines to make your painting jobs easier and more precise. Rapid Edge states that it can mask ten times faster compared to applying tape by hand thus saving a lot of your time. Rapid Edge maintains to be ideal for the thinnest areas like baseboard and its finishing brush prevents bubbling and folding of the masking tape to prevent the paint wicking off.


How does it work

The specialty of Rapid Edge is asserted to be the fact that one doesn’t have to line it up like tape. Rapid Edge needs to be tacked on and as soon as it is pushed on, it straightens out automatically because of its alleged self-aligning system. Rapid Edge proclaims that it follows very easily around the ledges and masks all the corners in seconds saving you hours of hard work. Rapid asserts to have a finishing brush that can eliminate bubbling and leaking under the tape.

Create perfect trim lines easily

Prepping for a painting job is very difficult and time consuming especially when it comes to applying masking tape alongside the trims. But Rapid Edge is a tool that promises to allow you to create trim lines easily by letting you apply the masking tape in a few seconds instead of taking hours doing it. Applying masking tape on baseboards can be particularly very difficult because it’s among the thinnest area while painting. You need to stick up the masking tape very precisely and close enough because if the area isn’t covered the paint goes into the gaps. But Rapid Edge maintains that you do not have to line the tape up even on the thinnest edges. Just tack the Rapid Edge and pull it and it will self align and put the masking tape right against the wall much thicker than you would stick it by hand.

No bubbling or folding of masking tape

Another common issue with masking tape is that there are always bubbles, folds and leaks under the tape. This often makes the paint wick off. But Rapid Edge guarantees that it has a finishing brush that eliminates bubbling and folding. The brush of Rapid Edge also emphasizes to be a better option compared to other methods like using hard objects since it does not tear the tape off. Rapid Edge declares that it is so effective that even professional painters use the tool for their jobs. Rapid Edge maintains that it is ideal for all kinds of painting jobs – big or small. So whether you are paintings your walls by yourself or a professional painter doing it, Rapid Edge claims to be ideal for both. Rapid Edge convinces to have an in-built metal blade that makes cutting the masking tape very easy and precise. Rapid Edge assures to work on standard 1”-2” wide masking tapes. Rapid Edge promises to be long-lasting since it is made of durable nylon housing that lasts forever.

What do I get?

You will receive 2 Rapid Edge Tape Applicator for just $14.95 + $12.9 P&H.Official website getrapidedge.com

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