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What is Rainguard? : Rainguard is a waterproofer of professional standards that is applied on surfaces by spraying it through the special unit provided in the package.

The perfect waterproofing solution

Rainguard promises to provide you the perfect water repellant solution for virtually every surface you apply it on for waterproofing. Rainguard is applied by spraying it through its specially constructed sprayer that works on battery. Apparently its coating dries to a natural, clear color and doesn’t turn yellow over time despite exposure to heat and cold. It uses Micro-Lok, the exclusive ingredient that creates a micro-molecular chemical and mechanical bond between the waterproofing chemicals and the surfaces it is coated with.


Can be applied on a variety of surfaces

Rainguard is supposedly perfect at protecting different types of surfaces like brick, concrete, asphalt, tile, grout, mortar, clay, stucco, wood, marble, travertine and limestone.
Try applying this waterproofing solution on surfaces like driveways, walkways, sidewalks, planters, decks, patios, porches, floors, walls, fences, roofs and countertops as it confidently claims to be perfect.

100% eco-friendly, contains no harmful chemicals or toxins

The makers of Rainguard assure you that it contains no silicone oils, paraffin wax or urethane. It is devoid of toxic substances, creates no hazardous by-products and offers a perfect non-film forming. Rainguard is completely safe as it is non-combustible, non-corrosive as well as 100% eco-friendly.

Takes care of surfaces

Rainguard seems to be the perfect waterproofer that apart from protecting surfaces also extends surface life and restores interiors and exteriors to make them look new again. It also prevents growth of mold and It is supposed to be highly stain resistant to oil, gas and other elements that damage durability.


Easy and convenient to use

You’re assured that Rainguard is very easy to use as it can be applied in one day with a single coat application. It works in cold weather and being water-based can be easily cleaned with soap and water cleanup.


What do I get
You get Rainguard for $29.99 Plus 9.99 S&H


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