Punch and Snap Review

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Do you want to adjust the fitting of your belt? Is your watch band proving to be too tight for comfort? You can now adjust the fittings of your accessories and get the much required comfort with the amazing Punch and Snap Three Way Punch!


Punch and Snap
The Punch and Snap Three Way Punch has a powerful rotating punch that allows you to punch the perfect hole every time and any time! The Punch and Snap Three Way Punch works great for you, all the time! The Punch and Snap Three Way Punch has a five pronged rotating head that has five different hole sizes with which you can punch holes, as you require for your specific need.

With the powerful action of the Puncher, punching holes through leather, vinyl, plastic and many more, is a breeze! It’s so easy to use; all you have to do is first select the size of hole you need, grip the handle and squeeze for that perfect and desired hole! With the Punch and Snap Three Way Punch, you can now easily not only replace but also add eyelets, fasteners and snaps.

Keep your favorite old handbag and shoe! Why should you throw your stuff away for the want of repairing it with the Punch and Snap Three Way Punch? Just add the required new eyelet or snap, in seconds with the Punch and Snap Three Way Punch! It is a must for your home and office because it’s so versatile!

The Punch and Snap Three Way Punch works for you in so many ways; it’s a three tools in one deal! You can punch holes in any material that you want, be it fabric, vinyl, plastic or leather, quickly replace worn out snaps and create attractive eyelets, in seconds, with the brilliant Punch and Snap Three Way Punch! You will also receive free eyelets, snaps and fasteners for all your quick repair needs!



What do I get?
Buy Punch and Snap at the Official Website www.AsSeenOnTV.com for just $9.95



Punch and Snap Video
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3 thoughts on “Punch and Snap Review

  1. The commercial is phony!!!  If you play the commercial in slow motion forward and backwards “SLOW” you will see the hole the puncher is making working in reverse coming out of the hole(already there) and then moving away from it while at the same time special effects used to cover the hole.

    I did not buy once I saw what I saw and recommend not to buy.  If they need special effects to sell this products why buy it!!!

    I wanted to buy this to use on dog collars but would not because of dishonest advertising!!!

  2. What material is it made of?

    Which materials can it not punch?

    How much power is required to squeeze the handle?

    What is the weight of the product?

    What is the maintenance schedule required for the product?

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