Power 8 Workshop Review

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What is it?

As they say, all tradesmen are as good as their tools. And there’s a great deal of truth to that. As a tradesman you realize the importance of your tools to make the jobs you have taken on a lot easier. Having the best tools at your disposal means you will be able to do the job efficiently and quickly as well. That’s what your business relies on at the end of the day. But are you tired of the regular tools that you carry in an awkward tool box with you whenever you go out on a job. Does your tool box end up creating a lot of clutter in your work space? In that case you will find the revolutionary Power 8 Workshop extremely handy for your needs.

How does it work?

This is not just another tool set for your needs; it in fact is world’s first cordless workstation. This sensational, smart and powerful product is just what you might need as a tradesman to make your tasks a lot simple for you. The set has a stainless steel armoured case, which in itself looks quite sleek and smart. However the magic begins when you open it up as it turns into a brilliant and smart work station for you. You can combine it with the four 18 volt cordless tools and it can be turned into one amazing bench top equivalent for you.

When this product is in its full glory and you are working with it on a regular basis, you will see the difference it can make to your productivity. For starters it has a table light for your convenience. Moreover there’s the Drill Saw tool, which will be handy for many jobs you might have to do. There’s also the Table Saw and the Scroll Saw, which are extremely important for your regular tasks. Together they form the pioneering product that becomes a work station with tools that offer cordless mobility.

It might also seem very involved and complicated but you will be pleased to note that it’s very easy to use. In fact DIY enthusiasts will relish the opportunity of working with this powerful work station that will make it easier for them to get on with their home projects.

What do I get?

You can find out more about Power 8 Workshop and buy it at www.power8workshop.com.

2 thoughts on “Power 8 Workshop Review

  1. I have owned my Power8 for about 4 years now and just love it. Now, I already had quite an extensive workshop but I liked the idea of The Power8’s portability. The tools really are top notch and well made. I use it daily and haven’t had to replace my battery yet which is really pretty shocking. Now don’t expect to go out and build an entire house with this unit….maybe you could but it just wouldn’t be practical. It’s great for that weekend project or a quick carpentry repair etc. When I first got mine it’s single weakness stood out immediately…the table saw “top.” It wasn’t very rugged so I promptly made another from 1/4″ plate aluminum which adds great rigidity without adding a lot of weight. I highly recommend this unit and feel that it’s worth every penny I paid for it. I hope this helps you out with your decision on purchasing a Power8.

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