Pour N Paint REVIEW

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official Website: PourNPaint.com

What is Pour N Paint?

As per the television infomercial, it is a paint roller system that helps in painting walls and ceilings without dripping. It fills up with paint and evenly spreads it on any surface to eliminate the need of dipping the brush in a paint tray.


Pour N Paint CLAIMS

A quick and easy paint job – Pour N Paint claims to be an innovative paint roller that helps in painting walls and ceiling easily. It states to have a container inside the roller that is to be filled with the desired paint instead of dipping it constantly in a paint tray. Once filled, it assures to suffice a single coat. Such far-fetched claims made by Pour N Paint will be attested once it is reviewed.

Advanced Mechanism – Pour N Paint maintains to have a microfiber head that distributes the paint through the roller and spreads it evenly once it touches a surface to avoid splatter, dripping, or spilling. More will be known once we receive its reviews. Such easy system that works with all types of paints and surfaces promises to be easy to use especially for DIY jobs. Does Pour N Paint really work well as proclaimed? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

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