Plumber’s Hero Review

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What is Plumber’s Hero?

It is a handy tool that helps you unclog blocked drains and pipes by placing its mouth vertically at the opening and pressing it briskly once at the top. It claims to be a plumber kit that unclogs pipes and drains more effectively than unconventional methods like plungers or liquid formula with its propellant formula

Blocked sinks? Fret not any more

If you are facing a harrowing time because your sinks get blocked every now and then, get Plumber’s Hero home. It claims that it’s an innovative solution to all your everyday plumbing problems that can spring up any moment and throw your schedule out of gear. Struggling with tools for snaking a drain or pouring harsh chemicals in the sink tend to do more harm than good as they can cause damage to pipes and surface of sinks. Placing a call to a plumber costs you a bomb and a lot of time waiting for him to arrive while you be in a hurry. Instead, a tool like Plumber’s Hero that guarantees relief from all these hassles is what you must consider. It promises to completely unclog even the most extreme deposits in a jiffy with incredible results, which it proclaims it does with just a press.


Unique formula

Plumber’s Hero states that the secret behind it is the special formula it employs, which, when combined with water, uses the water present there as force to propel out virtually any clog vigorously. It assures you that you count on it to get rid of practically every object that enter your sinks which other alternatives may not be able to tackle successfully.

No debris in any sink or pipes

Plumber’s Hero guarantees flawless debris-free sinks and pipes all over your home. It claims that it can force out rubble like rags, dirt, gauze and sponge from any pipe so easily that you’ll be zapped. You can use it to successfully remove obstacles like hair ties, shaving gel, toothpaste and hair easily and safely from any pipe. According to the promoters of this tool, it even works on garbage disposals by removing grease, coffee grounds, rice and veggies so you don’t have to worry about the mess in any sinks and pipes of your home including in the kitchen, toilet, tubs and shower drains.

Safe for pipes

Plumber’s Hero promises that it causes absolutely no damage to your pipes or any part of the sink even as it does its job faultlessly. It uses no chemicals nor exerts excessive pressure on the pipes or sinks. It is simple and easy enough to be used by anyone as it does not require use of strength or force. It has a shelf life of over 10 years and can be used over 20 times, which means you can save loads of money and get rid of the problem conveniently.


A more effective and versatile plumber kit to clean drains
The Plumber’s Hero proclaims that it’s an exceptional plumber kit that helps you unclog pipes and drains in bathrooms, toilets, tubs, and sinks easily and conveniently. It claims to be more effective than conventional drain unclogging methods like plungers or liquid formula because of its special propellant formula that combines with water to create the required pressure for eliminating a clog in a drain/pipe. Plumber’s Hero states to come with contraptions that make it useful in clearing drains of all sizes in the house. No matter what the cause of the clog – food, soap build-up, hair, grease, coffee grinds, etc. Plumber’s Hero assures that barring roots growing inside the pipes, it works on everything.


Safe and effective for all kinds of drainage
Plumber’s Hero promises to unclog any drain for you regardless of where you want to use it – through garbage disposals or on septic systems. It also assures that it worked on slow moving drains if instructions are sincerely followed to have enough water to cover the cap. Unlike other drain cleaners, Plumber’s Hero proclaims that it does NOT contain dangerous acids or dyes, and does not have any adverse effect on fixtures and pipes if they are sound whether they are made of plastic, PVC, steel or copper. Since it does not contain harsh acids, it leaves a pleasant orange scent behind after use. Plumber’s Hero Can aims to clear more than 20 clogs, and the easy-to-store kit has a shelf life of 10 years.


Can be used as often as needed
If the drain faces frequent clogging, Plumber’s Hero guarantees that you can use it as often as you need, and if it is used monthly as recommended, the pipes will be free-flowing and obstruction-free. If Plumber’s Hero does not help the first time, you can simply apply it again after waiting for 30 seconds. It works if the seal at the drain is tight (a different adaptor can be used), there is ample water covering the cap, and the overflow opening is covered. In case it doesn’t help, Plumber’s Hero can be reapplied by holding down the can longer than a second.


Does not get messy
If the instructions are followed properly, Plumber’s Hero assures that it does not create mess depending on the severity of the clog and surrounding condition. A damp rag can be used to cover the overflow opening and the canister. You can use it on a back-to-back fixture by covering the other drain with a damp rag. Plumber’s Hero maintains that it can be used to prevent clogs and maintain drains and pipes.


Available in convenient refills
Plumber’s Hero asserts that once the can is over, there is no need to buy the whole kit all over again because convenient refills are available to use with the reusable contraptions of the kit.

What do I get?

  • 1 Plumber’s Hero Can
  • 1 Toilet Handle Attachment
  • 1 Large Rubber Attachment
  • 1 Small Rubber Attachment

All this for just: $19.99 + $7.95 S&P. Official website:

5 thoughts on “Plumber’s Hero Review

  1. This stuff is great especially if you have a slow drain it is wonderful save lots of money from having to call a plumber.

  2. i bought this today and it did not work i used the whole can it cost me 15.00 i still have a clogged shower and now a black circle around the drain from the plunger.

  3. I would like to know how and where I can buy additional Plumbers Hero cans. By the way, the product works really great.
    It has saved me two plumbers calls already and I bought it at the San Diego County Fair earlier this year. It is really a good product.

  4. I bought the Plumber’s Hero from HSN, thinking it would be convenient to have around because my drains seem to clog every so often. Sometimes, I accidentally flush cleaning wipes in the toilet and that for sure will eventually cause a clog. My plumber costs us $75 a visit just to pull out one cleaning wipe from the pipes. (We never know where the clog is from then he tells us it’s from one lousy wipe that’s non-biodegradable) So, I dropped one again while I was cleaning the toilet (I didn’t want to pick it up from the toilet so I just flushed it) I’ve used this product (PH) a couple of times and I so far, so good. No clogs and there’s a nice orange-y smell to it.

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