Perfect Saw Review

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Don’t waste money, time and energy with those gas trim-saws anymore. Introducing the Perfect Saw – the first portable hand chainsaw that cuts about anything fast and easy. Just pull it back and forth for precision cut that’s perfect. Saw smart with the Perfect Saw.

How does Perfect Saw work?

Ordinary saws cut only one side where they make contact and it takes a lot of time and energy to cut through. The Perfect Saw wraps around the wood so it cuts on three sides at the same time and three times faster. The Perfect Saw features lumberjack quality flexible solid steel chain, the never-dull diamond toothed blades are smooth to touch but cut like a power saw. Its hard to saw with one arm but the Perfect Saw is bi-directional, so your task is done in half of time it would take with the ordinary saw.

Upgrade to the High-Cut Extension Kit and you can cut the branches up to 10 feet high. Use the Perfect Saw to cut the roots with blades up, so it won’t dull.

Perfect Saw is perfect for campers, hunters, and any handyman who wants to cut with ease. It even cuts through PVC with ease. The Perfect Saw weighs less than a pound and is easy to store and carry.

What do I get?

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