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Buying a house and maintaining it are totally two different things especially once the house becomes to age. The most common problem you might face is a leaky gutter, leaks from the roof, sky lighting issues, etc. In such cases most people call up the plumber, roofer and general contractors to fix the problem according to the nature of the issue. But have you imagined how much money you can end up spending in calling these people and paying their bills?


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How does Patch It Pro Work

Patch It Pro can solve such simplest of issues within no time unlike other liquids and cements that need messy work and are hardly effective. Patch It Pro is an ultimate way of fixing any type of leak in or around the house in a matter of few seconds. There are certain quick sealants available in the market which can be mixed with a solution and applied to dry for a couple of hours to start fixing the leak which again is not a guarantee because the mixture might not be in the perfect balance. Hence the need to call a professional arises but Patch It Pro application makes things easy since it is actually a tape.

The high density tape comes with sturdiness from the primary material but which is of pure high quality and can be easily cut with a scissor to fit the size of the leak. Plus the wonderful part about Patch It Pro is that it can adhere to any type of material making it a universal solution to permanently seal leaks.

Patch It Pro has the perfect balance of flexibility and has tensile strength like iron to roll around a pipe or to bend around the roof’s corner and fix the leak perfectly well for years to come. It is the only handy solution that is so easy to apply and thus can be used by anyone at home for a quick fix whether it is the basin pipe, plumbing line in the basement, roof leaks, wearing out of sky light and is even effective in blocking and sealing off air in one go.




What do I get?
2 Rolls of Patch It Pro Tapes for just $14.95 + $13.90 S&H. Official website


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  1. Has anyone tried the Patch It Pro, does it really work?

    Are you satisfied with the product?

    Do you find it useful?

    Can you share the pros and cons of Patch It Pro?

    Is the Patch It Pro ad misleading?

    Would you recommend this product to fellow customers? OR do you know a better alternative?

    Would you report this Patch It Pro as a scam?

    Did they let you review your order before hitting the “buy” button?

    How much is the shipping amount? is it acceptable to you?

    Do you know the Customer Service number for Patch It Pro?

    Is Patch It Pro back-ordered?

    Do you know the return process?

    Did you buy this product in a store? Which stores carry them?

    Is this Patch It Pro made in the USA?

    • You do everything possible to maintain your house and keep it in the best shape. It’s for the comfort of your loved ones and also to maintain the value of your house. But what happens when leaks appear in your drains, gutter, skylights or roofs for that matter? They can cause a lot of damage if not fixed on time but you worry about the costs involved in hiring professionals as well. But what if you were told that you could fix these leaks yourself without any hassle with Patch It Pro?

      Patch It Pro is the revolutionary way of fixing leaks in your drains and gutters without having to rely on special tools etc. You can also fix the leaks in your skylights and roofs instantly and prevent the problem from worsening. Patch It Pro is very easy to use for your convenience; all you have to do is roll it out and cut it to the desired size. You can then press it on the area that has the leak and the job is done. It applies like a tape but it’s so strong that it wears like iron, giving you the results you want.

      Patch It Pro works so well for you because it is made out of pure and top quality butyl. It has phenomenal properties that come into play here and it’s also the reason why it can adhere to practically any surface. Now you will have a way to not only fix those leaks in skylights and roofs but ensures that air leaks in windows are taken care of as well. If you are a DIY kind of person you will love to work with Patch It Pro because it can help you taken on many small projects around the house.

      In fact when you have Patch It Pro there are many possibilities for you to carry our repairs around the house. It just presses into place and stays on permanently, giving you long lasting results. No leak is big enough for it and you will have respite from air leaks too.

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