Painter’s Palette REVIEW

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What is Painter’s Palette?

As per the TV infomercial it is an innovative paint tray that has zero-drip, zero-spill and anti-gravity feature to let you paint easily without making a mess. Painter’s Palette emphasizes to be a paint tray that holds the paint in place. Painter’s Palette allegedly locks the paint on itself so that it does not spill or drip even when held upside down. Such an easy-to-use design makes Painter’s Palette an interesting tray; user reviews will reveal the truth.


Painter’s Palette REVIEW

Makes a mess – Arthur who used Painter’s Palette complained in his review that the material attached to the plastic tray here is just like in textured paint roller. Unfortunately the roller material has a load limit and once you cross that it begins to drip and splatter while leaving an annoying mess behind.

Not enough information – Bruno who reviewed Painter’s Palette revealed in his review that you don’t get much information from the manufacturer and you have to make do with guess work. For starters, you are not told its dimensions, which means you have to take an educated guess about its volume. But going by how shallow it is, you can tell that it can’t hold as much paint as a traditional pan can.

Adds to the hassle – Christian who bought Painter’s Palette exposed in his review that though it might reduce spilling and dripping, it adds to your woes because you have to keep refilling it over and over again. It not only adds to your time but you have to worry about some of the paint pulling through to the plastic. It just sits there and mixes, ruins your next coat of paint.

Cleaning it is hard work – Elaine who used Painter’s Palette complained in her review that the textured roller-type material clings to the paint. Hence you have to keep cleaning it for a long time. Moreover its surface is attached permanently to the plastic lid. That makes it difficult to remove all the paint.

Painter’s Palette Claims

Exclusive design – Painter’s Palette states to have micro absorbing bristles that are super absorbent and holds the paint in place until a brush or roller is used to pick it up, thus easing up ladder ceiling jobs. Painter’s Palette declares to be spacious enough to hold two different colors. The remaining paint can be scraped off in the paint bucket and cleaned with water. The two-trays close and lock to create a tight seal to store paint for future use. These claims will be proved only with Painter’s Palette user reviews.


What do I get?

  • 1 Painter’s Palette
  • 1 Airtight Lid

Price: $19.99 + $7.99 S&H | Official website:

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