Paint Pad Pro Review

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The Paint Pad Pro is the ultimate painting system. Paint Pad Pro is unique because it is the fastest way of applying paint to a wall. It comes with a tray that has a special roller in it that makes it easy to apply the paint. Just roll the pad over it. Take off excess paint using the ridge on the edge of the tray.


How does Paint Pad Pro work?
With the Paint Pad Pro, there are only two places you get paint – on the pad and on the wall. The Paint Pad Pro comes with an attachable handle that allows you to get to those hard to reach places with a smooth, professional finish. Its pointed tip allows smooth movement over corners and skirting. No lathers. No splatter. You can also use the Paint Pad Pro on embossed or textured paper. One application can cover it all with a finish to be proud of.

Use the Paint Pad Pro to cover patterned wallpapers and bring your interiors up to date without the unnecessary expense. Even brick walls are no match for the Paint Pad Pro. Fantastic coverage in super quick time. It has the speed of a roller and the precision of a brush to get your job done fast.

The secret is in the dual-purpose applicator pad made from thousands of bristles bonded to a full suspension backing that follows the contours of a surface. It is like having dozens of brushes working together to apply paint smoothly and evenly using less pain than a conventional roller or brush.

Get maximum coverage with minimum effort. Cleaning your pads is easy. Just rinse under the tap and reuse. Paint Pad Pro is made from the best material to the highest standards. It is clever and simple, and most important, it really works!

I got a taste of blatant marketing tactics recently when I made the mistake of reading online reviews of Paint Pad Pro, a product I was aspiring to own. Little did I know that instead of finding helpful, informative reviews of Paint Pad Pro, I would be manipulated all around and pushed to just buy the product. I was being literally forced to buy Paint Pad Pro almost every site I went on. I experienced it over and over again, which made me wonder if I will ever get to read anything substantial. It naturally raised doubts about the whole thing in my mind, due to which I simply terminated reading online reviews.

All that netizens who rely on the Internet for everything, including basing their decision to shop on online reviews must wake up. The websites they devour in hopes of finding anything helpful are in fact out to con them with fantastic reviews of products. They exploit the fact that other than discretion of the customer, nothing can save them, not even the Search Engines, which can only display reviews written by the manufacturers themselves. Customers today need to watch out against misleading opinions and make a smart choice themselves.



What do I get?
* 1 x Paint Pad Pro
* 1 x Built in Mini Edger
* 2 x Large Paint Pads
* 2 x Small Paint Pads
* 1 x Non slip paint tray
* 1 x Built in application roller



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Paint Pad Pro Video


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4 thoughts on “Paint Pad Pro Review

  1. Can I use vinyl emulsion paint with this paint pro ? It says do not use polyvinyl emulsion is there a difference?

  2. Paint Pad Pro Complaints

    Unstable design
    Paint Pad Pro is highly unstable since its assembly pad comes off very easily during the painting process and bits of pad stick on the surface of wall or falls off. In fact the build is so poor that the entire assembly doesn’t stay together for a long time. It requires almost twice the paint since the pad sucks up most of the paint before applying on the walls. The wheel assembly has certain issues in giving a smooth flowing movement.

    Ineffective for fine areas
    For a larger wall surfaces Paint Pad Pro works decent enough but it messes up quite a bit when it comes to painting fine areas. It messes up in areas that are near switchboards, corners, etc which need very careful paint for making it look neat. It fails largely to provide such a finesses and scores the least in the chart of people who have used it.

    No value for money
    Since falsely advertised Paint Pad Pro fail to do the primary promised job of painting the walls easily and quickly it is considered as a bad investment and gives no value for the money charged for it.

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