Paint Fast Max Color System Review

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We all need to paint our house, fences or furniture at some point or the other. But the procedure is often so messy and tiring that you end up putting it off till as long as you can. Who wants to deal with dripping paint buckets, paint spilling all over and working with rollers that hold too little or a bit too much of paint? To make it worse, there are splatters from paint brushes, getting up and down the ladder to paint the entire wall. But now, you don’t have to deal with soggy brushes, ladders, big paint trays and leaving paint marks all over the house accidentally and not even spend a lot of money on professional help with Paint Fast Max Color System, a professional painting machine which makes painting a fast and easy job.


Paint Fast Max Color System
The innovative machine is lightweight yet so powerful that you need to spray just one coat of paint to get a professional looking job on your walls. The Paint Fast Max Color System has a paint container, a measuring cup, hose and an ergonomically designed spray gun or sprayer and you just need to pull the trigger of the sprayer like you use a water hose and paint, stain or varnish any surface, whether brick, vinyl, cane or wood within a fraction of the time you spend with your brushes and rollers in a traditional painting job. Made of ultra light yet ultra durable material, Paint Fast Max Color System lasts for years. The portable and powerful color system has an industrial strength, 600 watt motor that gives you powerful painting experience.

Paint Fast Max Color System has a simple one-touch operation that uses the “point and shoot” method and also slashes your paint time and expenses in half. The advanced spray technology lets you reach the tightest of corners and angles with its unique 3-way direct dial spray-head that lets you paint even a louvre door evenly. You can choose between the horizontal and vertical settings to pain the way you want. The dial of Paint Fast Max Color System also lets you control the spray coverage too. The paint also doesn’t drip when sprayed with Paint Fast Max Color System so you don’t waste time and effort cleaning up. So now you can spend just hundreds of dollars instead of thousands on painting your entire house inside out.



What do I get?

  • 600-Watt motor power pack
  • Paint Container
  • Hose
  • Ergonomic Spray Gun
  • Carry Strap
  • Viscosity Measuring Cup

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Paint Fast Max Color System Video


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