Mighty Sealer Review

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If you are a DIY kind of person you will probably detest the idea of having to pay huge amounts to professionals for small jobs around the house like fixing leaks and cracks for example. But sometimes you have to rely on them because you just don’t find the right product that you can use yourself and will do the job to perfection. If that’s something you have been struggling with as well then Mighty Sealer comes as an answer to your prayers. No crack or leak is big enough for the Mighty Sealer, which can do the job almost instantly.


Mighty Sealer
Leaking roof in the rains; not a problem, cracks in your car or garage can be fixed easily too. In fact you can use Mighty Sealer for practically hundreds of jobs from fixing leaks in the plumbing system to cracks in your boats, basements, driveways etc. It is strong enough to do all these jobs to perfection at the same time the final result is elegant enough to be used on something as delicate as flower vases too. The trick lies in the rubberized spray that can fix all cracks and holes with ease. The rubberized liquid can seep through the holes and forms a flexible but watertight coating that will stop any possible leaks.

Mighty Sealer is portable and you can use it anywhere for great results. One can of Mighty Sealer, can work on about 2 to 8 square feet, depending on the coating of course. But one thing you can be sure of is that the coating won’t sag, peel or drip and will last for a long time. And what’s brilliant is that you can easily paint over this flexible barrier to ensure that the look of your house is not compromised upon. Mighty Sealer works quickly before the damage is done and saves you huge costs.




What do I get?
You can buy Mighty Sealer for just $10.00 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.95 at www.MightySealer.com. You have the option of getting another Mighty Sealer with your offer by simply paying additional processing and handling fee.


Mighty Sealer Video


17 thoughts on “Mighty Sealer Review

  1. The can of Mighty Sealer exploded on my tool chest ruining the tool chest. It then dried VERY hard – cannot remove. This product is dangerous and should NOT be purchased!!!

  2. problem with 45 degree corners of gutters leaking, I cleaned areas down to the metal, used a heat gun to make certain the area was dry then sprayed the total area, let the first coat dry for a minimum of 30-40 minutes and applied a second coat and repeated this for a third coat. the first rain fall the corners are leaking more than before. I purchased a 2 pack from Home Depot a few months ago, I would appreciate a response.
    Thank you

  3. Your product does not seal as promised for gutters! In fact it has made it worse! It pulled any already applied original caulk and sealer products and made more of a leak than was there before! What do I do? It is winter and I have ice problems now as well! How can I remove you product completely in the Spring!? What solvent can I use?

  4. Used clear for restroom, after 3 hours still smells, opened up windows, vent and standing fans. Afraid of sending kids upstairs to sleep, will sleep downstairs because it says Mighty Sealer is harmful if you smell it, and can be fatal. How can they sell something that can be fatal, of and it can cause reproductive health and can cause cancer. Will not recommend to nobody. I am scared of turning on the stove or any candles to get rid of smell.

  5. I put 3500 gallons of water in an above ground pool and found I had a leak so I drained all the water out of the pool dry in sun for two days. Surface of pool was dry and clean, I sprayed a coat of mighty sealer on pool, let dry like it said, put another coat of mighty sealer on let dry and repeated one more time. I let it dry and then put in about 1000 gallons of water in pool, it did not leak right away, after I put 3000 gallons of water in pool it started to leak again , same spot.

    To me this Mighty Sealer product was a totally waste of my time. Did not work and now you cannot get ahold of anyone ti settle this matter. This was a total waste, not only did I waste an extra 3000 gallons of water, but I wasted two days plus working on this, as I said this product was a total waste of my money and time and water. Would really be nice to talk to someone that can speak English, but cannot get ahold of anyone, thank you mighty sealer.

  6. It has been three weeks since Mighty seal received my payment and all I have is a email confirming this. None has been received and I am getting frustrated because no answer on the 1-862-4371111 #. Is anyone else having this problem?

  7. I used a product known as “Flex Seal” and it sucked. What I can tell any one who is interested is that I found flex seal actually no different than actual undercoat and undercoat is cheaper than flex seal and or this so called new sealer mighty sealer. Furthermore I think that its all crap and honestly I guess you get what you pay for so be careful what you purchase especially on line do some simple research first. Hope this helps.

  8. Mighty Sealer has the worst customer service on earth… no toll free number. no operator…no one ever answers and their voice mail is full. when I finally talked to someone they barely spoke English, were rude, made excuses why your charged and product never ships…BAD DEAL…THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM…

  9. I have been waiting 6 weeks and when I call they just keep saying the system is down and they don’t know when it will be back up. The guy I talked with kept skirting around my questions and when I said that this sounds like a scam all he could say was ” I’m sorry you think so- I have to put you on hold now.” The second time I was put on hold by-the-way. When I ask if my order would be lost because the system was down he said my order was in another system and I said then why can’t it be processed and he didn’t have an answer, just wanted to put me on hold again. I think this may be a scam and I am now going to contact my credit card company and have it taken off.

  10. Used two cans of Mighty Sealer for small leak on roof. This product sucks, it didn’t work. They should be ashamed.

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