Mighty Fixit Tape Reviews and Complaints

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About Mighty FixIt Tape

Broken hoses and cords, leaking pipes cause expensive damage that nobody likes. Introducing the Mighty Fixit As Seen On TV with Anthony Sullivan the easy way to fix, seal and repair virtually anything fast and make it last. Mighty Fixit Seals, insulates and protects and leaves no sticky residue.

How does Mighty FixIt Tape work?

Mighty Fixit is not a tape but a flexible silicone wrap that creates an airtight and watertight seal in seconds. Just stretch and wrap. It fuses to itself flexes like rubber and holds like steel. Tape is temporary, glues are sticky mess but Mighty Fixit has no sticky adhesive instead it fuses to itself, as you wrap it folds to fit any surface wet or dry.

Use it to fix a leaky pipe without calling the plumber and don’t throw away that expensive appliance Mighty Fixit safely repairs all your power cords (Rated safe up to 8000 volts) saving you money. Mighty Fixit stands the heat to safely insulate all your wiring jobs. A blown radiator hose can be a roadside nightmare..not with Mighty Fixit it seals in seconds so you can get on the road. It even works at temperatures below 0 degree Celsius (-75 degree F). A hole in your vacuum hose means no pickup, Mighty Fixit restores the suction so you can pick it up an clean it up. Use Mighty Fixit to create new grips on tools, outside mend broken branches, seal sprinkler lines and garden hoses.

Mighty Fixit Tape Instructions

Mighty tape is ideal for any domestic, electrical, marine, industrial, automotive, military and even aeronautical repairs.

1. Simply peel back the liner as you wrap. Wrap, stretch and overlap layers at about 50%of the width of the previous tape wrap. The tape fuses on both sides as you wrap. Remove any excess dirt on the item before wrapping. Wrap using clean hands.

2. The tape will start bonding together almost immediately. Do not try to reposition. or try to reuse. It completely fuses in 24 hours at room temperature.

3. The tape will stretch up to 3x(300%). The more you stretch, the stronger the grip and the faster the tape will fuse together. On leaks it is best to use several layers of stretched tape. On electrical repair disconnect power before repair.

4. A mighty repair can be removed by gently cutting the length of the bond with a blade leaving no sticking residue.

Because of the Seller does not control the conditions or the use of the product , liability is limited to the replacement of the product or purchase price and comes without any additional warranty expressed or implied.



What do I get?

  • 6 Rolls of Mighty Fixit Silicone Wrap – Enough for an entire houseful of repairs for just $19.99. Green, Black, Clear, Red, Yellow, Blue



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Mighty FixIt Tape Video


20 thoughts on “Mighty Fixit Tape Reviews and Complaints

  1. I dont know what the people that complained are talking about. I LOVE THIS TAPE! I fixed an outdoor heater over 2 years ago and the tape still holds the button in that keeps the propane on. I move it when I want the heater off. I have used this on my hose, where it connects to the house and on my power washer. It is awesome. I want to buy more but I think all you nasty reviewers made the company go out of business. If anyone knows where I can buy more, please tell me.

  2. I came to this site to check out reviews before I tried this tape to fix an airbed leak. Thought it might work since it said it was flexible silicone. Sounds like it sticks to NOTHING but itself! Guess I’ll keep looking. Yhanks to those who commented – you saved the rest of us alot of wasted time and money!

  3. If you are in doubt about buying a product like Mighty Fixit Tape you check out the reviews of the product. Last checked that used to be the mantra many of us shoppers would follow and to great effect. But wonder what’s been going on these days because there are no honest reviews of products to be found online. In fact there are no honest review sites as they once used to be. There are sites that claim to offer genuine reviews but they have nothing of that sort when you look at them. I was led to some other sites through these sites when I went looking for reviews of Mighty Fixit Tape. It’s distressing to have to go through an experience like that.

    • And one wishes that it wasn’t this way but that’s the way things have panned out in recent times. Since search engines haven’t been able to punish these sites more of them have been coming up. Manufacturers pay huge amounts to affiliate marketers to promote their products through these fake sites. There are some users who might see through it but then there are others who get taken for a ride.

  4. I purchased this Mighty Fixit Tape and it does NOT work. To anyone thinking about trying it, don’t waste your money..


  6. Mighty Fixit does NOT stop leaks in garden hoses. It’s useless. Wrapped the Mighty Fixit tightly about 10 times around the hose, turned on the water and, surprise, the water now shooting out both sides of the tape. Don’t waste your money or time. Well, I’m off to Lowes for a new hose.

  7. Awaiting “moderation”? So much for honest opinions; this site is probably run by these ripoff TV artists that sell these as seen on tv products!

  8. NEVER buy this junk from TV when the shipping costs is up to 100% the cost of the product.

    I am sick of all the ‘buy one get one free’ where the shipping cost on the ‘free’ item covers the cost of both the items; wake up people, these are lying con-artists cheating you.

  9. Has anyone tried the M ighty Fixit, does it really work….can you please post some reviews.

    • I did purchase mighty fixit tape. I followed all the directions to the letter. It did work on my leaky sink drain. I dried and cleaned the area where the leak was. stretched while I wrapped tightly let it set for oh maybe 20 minutes. put the stopper in the sink filled it up and then pulled the stopper. I had no more leak. I did find out it works better if you dry and clean the surface first. I will admit that I did take my hair dryer set it on high and let it blow on the tape didn’t tell me to but I thought it helped. Would I recommend this product?? In all honesty no. The Claim”It even works at temperatures below 0 degree Celsius (-75 degree F). “. I found that to be incorrect at least for my part. It didn’t work for me trying to seal a leak in a cold pipe in the winter.
      Have I tried contacting the company? No I haven’t I figured one failure out of the four or five times I used it just wasn’t that much of a concern for me.

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