Little Giant Extreme Review

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The Little Giant Extreme is the strongest, safest, and most versatile ladder that you have ever seen before. It is designed with some great new features making it incomparable to other ladders. It features user friendly rock locks allowing you to change from one configuration to another more quickly and easily than ever before.


How does Little Giant Extreme work?
There is also the new safety rail giving you more safety and security when you are on the top of the ladder. It also features a built in comfort step making it seem like you are standing on the ground even though you are actually standing on the ladder.

The new hinges are stronger and even easier to engage. They keep the Little Giant Extreme rock solid in any configuration. The specially designed non slip rubber feet combined with a light flare at the base of the ladder increases the safety and stability of the ladder.

It is also designed with wheels making it easier to move anywhere you need it.

If you always spend a lot of your time on a ladder then with the 50% wider rungs you will just love the Little Giant Extreme. It also comes with a fuel tank that is a one gallon paint tray so you don’t have to climb up and down the ladder for paint.

There is also a mounting bracket for your roller and a detailed brush. The best part is that cleaning the fuel tank is easy too since it has a special non stick polymer lining lets you peel the paint out effortlessly.

It has an air deck to hold your tools making it like a portable work bench at the top of the ladder. The air deck is designed to hold almost every tool that you will ever need. The magnetic tray can be used for all your screws, nuts, and bolts. There is even a cup holder.

The Little Giant Extreme can be pulled apart into two trestles. The new trestle brackets are included with the Little Giant Extreme to make your scaffolding even more stable and secure. You can also use it as a work bench or as a saw stand.

It is made of proprietary aluminum alloy that was specially designed for the leading edge of fighter jet wings.

The Little Giant Extreme is now stronger and lighter than ever before and is built to last you for years. It also comes with a full life time warranty.

Try the Little Giant Extreme and you will know that there is no other ladder better than this one.

The Little Giant Xtreme multi-use ladder combines the safety and versatility of the original Little Giant Ladder with several new groundbreaking features, including the built-in Comfort Step, AirDeck workstation, the safety handrail, user-friendly Rock Locks, 50% wider rungs, Tip & Glide Wheels, and the stronger, easier-to-use, and Quad-Lock hinges. And with all of these new features, The Little Giant Xtreme is even lighter than the original Little Giant Ladder.

The captivating 28.5-minute infomercial visually demonstrates how easy it is to handle and adjust the lightweight The Little Giant Xtreme for projects around the house or on the job. With all of the functionality of the original Little Giant Ladder, The Little Giant Xtreme incorporates several new patented features:

  • Comfort Step : Offers full foot support for unmatched security at the top of the ladder—feels like standing on the ground.
  • Air Deck Safety Handrail and Magnetized Work Tray : Provides the added security of something to hold on to at the top of the ladder and a place to put all your tools.
  • Rock Locks : Enables easy independent adjustment of ladder leg heights.
  • Tip & Glide Wheels : Makes handling and moving the ladder easier than ever.
  • Aerospace-Grade Alloy : Creates a lightweight safe ladder—the only ladder licensed to use this proprietary aerospace-grade aluminum alloy.

“The Little Giant Xtreme is the pinnacle in the product market of ladder—it is the most commercially and professional equipped ladder ever built, and is believed to be the finest ladder in the world,” said Ryan Moss, CEO. “The infomercial format is the best way to show the world what they can do with the Little Giant Xtreme. Little Giant fans have the chance to be part of our biggest product launch ever.”

Little Giant Extreme FAQs

A word on the Little Giant Extreme ladder
It’s the safest, versatile and strongest ladder you can find today. It’s the flagship product of Little Giant Extreme Systems and has many startling features, innovations and patents that are created to make people’s jobs easier and safer too.

Why is Little Giant Extreme unique?
For starters Little Giant Extreme is convenient for use and is versatile enough to be used in many different positions. It can be used as a wide flared extension ladder, a 90 degree ladder, A-frame ladder that can be used at multiple heights, staircase ladder and a trestle and plank scaffolding system too. Four decades of engineering genius and innovation make Little Giant Extreme everything it stands for today.

Who will benefit from the Little Giant Extreme ladder?
Home owners who thrive on DIY projects, painters, contractors, maintenance professionals, window cleaners, HVAC specialists, roofing contractors, landscapers and many other professionals will benefit from Little Giant Extreme, which makes their jobs easier and less time consuming.

How much weight does Little Giant Extreme support?
You will be pleased to note that Little Giant Extreme is in keeping with OSHA and ANSI standards. It can hold up to 300 lbs weight when used as an extension ladder or a two-person, two-sided ladder.

Different Little Giant Extreme models:
You can get Little Giant Extreme in 17 feet and 22 feet models. A 26 feet model will be available soon.

What’s the weight of Little Giant Extreme ladder?
Little Giant Extreme is lighter than other multipurpose ladders in the market because it is constructed using aerospace grade aluminum alloys that are seen in military aircrafts. The 17 feet Little Giant Extreme model weighs 34.5 lbs while the 22 feet model weighs around 41.5 lbs.

Does one need to pay sales tax when buying Little Giant Extreme?
6.85% sales tax is charged for orders from Utah and 8.75% on orders from California. Other orders don’t have to pay sales tax.

Are there any shipping and handling charges involved?
There is no shipping and handling charge for 48 contiguous states. However AK, HI and PR have to pay additional shipping and handling costs.

What about the shipping of Little Giant Extreme?
FedEx ground is the regular shipping medium and you need to allow 10-15 days for delivery. You can also opt for 2nd day shipping in which case 2nd day FedEx Express service is used.

What is AirDeck Workstation?
To ensure that users have a safe handhold at the top of the ladder, there’s AirDeck Workstation that has a magnetized utility tray and a secure handrail for safety.

How much does Little Giant Extreme cost?
Little Giant Extreme might be your upgrade from the original Little Giant ladder; the price remains exactly the same. The infomercial price of the 17 feet ladder is $359.80 while the 22 feet ladder costs $399.96.

Different Configurations Little Giant Extreme can be used in:
A-Frame Ladder: Little Giant Extreme can be converted into a high-on-use A-Frame Ladder by simply clicking a patented hinge.

Staircase Ladder: Little Giant Extreme has adjustable one foot increments, which is why one side of the ladder can be extended so that it can be used safely on staircases, curbs, docks and other uneven surfaces.

90 degrees Ladder: As you might have realized, working close to walls with the help of traditional ladders is practically impossible. However with a simple adjustment Little Giant Extreme lets you work near any vertical surface.

Extension Ladder: Little Giant Extreme can also be used for large projects as it can be converted into a strong extension ladder so that you can get to tree limbs, roof tops without any difficulty.

Scaffolding: Little Giant Extreme can be pulled apart to create two scaffold trestles. Thus you can add Little Giant Extreme work plank, which is sold separately, to create a safe, convenient and strong scaffolding system.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
You can now own the Little Giant Extreme for just 4 easy payments of just $89.95 plus S&H and if you are not completely satisfied simply return it for a full refund of the purchase price, less S\P&H. Official website


Little Giant Extreme Video
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10 thoughts on “Little Giant Extreme Review

  1. Little Giant is misleading when the claim the ladder is guaranteed for life. My brackets broke and they charged me for replacement. The ladder works okay but is very expensive. The cost was only $18.00 but they lost any future business I might have given them. Poor customer service to say the least!! I would never recommend that anyone buy from them in the future. Go to Lowes or Home Depot and you will save a ton of money.

    • The cheap, poorly designed plastic brackets for the Airdeck broke on my ladder. I didn’t really put any significant weight on the Airdeck it’s just that the heat in my garage dried out the cheap plastic brackets. Little Giant has since modified the design with heavy duty aluminum brackets, obviously they recognized the bad design. They offered to fix the ladder but the inner portions of the ladder has to be destroyed, with pictures to prove it, and then pay nearly $20 in shipping. Why should I pay anything for their piss-poor design. I think I’ll just MacGyver a bracket of my own instead of jumping through their hoops. They warned me if I did that I could void the warranty. Ha, that’s ripe! Not much of a warranty, make a bad design and defer some of the cost to the consumer. This is my second Little Giant ladder but probably my last.

  2. Ordered 2 Little Giant Xtreme ladders as seen on tv about one week before Xmas with a credit card. I haven’t received it yet. I received no order number. Help me with the status.

    Jim Connor

  3. I never got mine ordered it in December my card was charged I have yet to receive it I left messages email and phone haven’t heard nothing. Might have to hire a lawyer to get my money back.

  4. I bought this ladder about 8 years ago and it still works great. I am a single lady and have to do a lot of things on my own. When I do have to pay guys to work around the house, they are so surprised to see that I have a Little Giant Ladder. I moved 6 years ago, and have limited space. My LG has been sitting on my patio area all this time and there is not a speck of rust on it–and it still works like a charm!! Now I REALLY want the LG Extreme!!

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