Liqui Sew Review

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What is Liqui Sew –

It states to be a solution to let you mend your torn and ripped clothes fast and easily without having to sew it. It maintains to repair clothes, leather and suede, life parachutes, and home décor and craft items.


Sew without needle and thread

Liqui Sew is the perfect solution to bail you out of situations when you have ripped clothes. Liqui Sew claims that it is a no-sew way to mend your clothes easily and quickly. Is Liqui Sew really that convenient a solution? User reviews will shed light on this. Liqui Sew proclaims that you just need to apply it and let dry to mend your torn clothes without using needle and thread. Whether clothes can really be repaired so easily will be proved after more Liqui Sew reviews are in. Liqui Sew convinces to repair your apparel permanently. How far this is true will be verified once users review Liqui Sew.

Repairs practically every fabric

Liqui Sew maintains to dry clear and flexible so no one would know the cloth was mended and it won’t rip again. That sounds too good to be true, Liqui Sew reviews will verify if it’s true. Liqui Sew guarantees that it mends all kinds of tears and rips – torn hems, holes in the pockets, or detached patches. Is Liqui Sew that hands-on? Send us your reviews. The repair done by Liqui Sew is so strong that it can even make a torn life parachute reusable. Is it really that strong? Let’s wait for Liqui Sew user reviews. Liqui Sew promises to let you save money on replacing jackets or clothes. You also save time and patience on needling thread. Did Liqui Sew do all these things that it claims? Send us your reviews.

Perfect for other materials, crafts and home decor

Not just clothes, Liqui Sew proclaims to also mend torn upholstery, leather and suede making it a multipurpose solution. Liqui Sew alleges that it can be used for home décor and other craft projects. Is Liqui Sew really so cool? More user reviews will confirm that. Liqui Sew is not glue but a solution that uses a natural formulation that penetrates fibers of fabrics to create a link and lock permanent bond. Is Liqui Sew really that effective? There are very few user reviews to go on right now. Liqui Sew maintains to be machine washable and tumble dry friendly too. Liqui Sew claims to make such a strong bond that the cloth won’t rip even if you go water surfing at 50 miles per hour. Is it possible for a liquid solution to create such a strong bond? Liqui Sew reviews will tell us the truth.

What do I get?

You get Two Liqui Sew for $10 plus $9.98 P&H.Official website

2 thoughts on “Liqui Sew Review

  1. Liquid sew did great until I washed my blouse…. and in cold water… When the blouse dried, the rip was back…very disappointing!

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