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What is Liftdini:

It is a tool that can help you lift heavy objects easily and without any bending and straining.
Liftdini is meant to make it easier for you to lift heavy objects so that you can get on with your tasks without any hassle. There are times when you might want to move things around the house or it could be that lifting heavy objects is part of your daily job. But you know that lifting heavy objects involves a lot of bending and adds to the strain on your back. Liftdini claims to offer you a way around it by lifting these objects with ease.


Liftdini works well because of its design

Liftdini is known for its special design that makes lifting heavy objects easier and without too much effort. It has a contoured handle that can be pushed to open it. Then you can use the non slip claws of the Liftdini to grip the item you want to be lifted. And that’s it; the job is done. Lifting objects has never been easier, and according to its claims, you can now do the job with one finger.


Liftdini is meant to be versatile for your needs

To begin with, this tool is meant to be light and compact for your convenience. However you have to understand that it’s still quite strong and can lift a box of up to 50 lbs of weight. That means Liftdini can do many of your heavy lifting tasks at home with ease. It can easily lift small items but also large ones that are up to 16 inches in width. Liftdini won’t have any problems when it comes to lifting round and odd shaped items as well.

Liftdini is safe for your use

Liftdini has non slip claws so you don’t have to worry about the objects that are being lifted. It also has a slender profile that makes it easier for you to carry it with you. Liftdini can save you time and effort while protecting you from injuries caused by bending and straining as well.


    What do I get?

  • you get 2 Liftdini for just $29.98 + $7.99 S/H.
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