Kiwi Select Universal Shoe Stretch Review

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Most of us look at our shoes as a sensible long term investment because we want them to be comfortable and long lasting as well. Buying shoes is not like buying your outfits because they are meant for your comfort and convenience too. However how often has it happened that you have spent large amounts on a pair of shoes but they are too snug for your feet? Stretching them through regular means can be an extremely time consuming and tedious exercise. That’s why; you need Kiwi Select Universal Shoe Stretch, an effective and quick way of stretching your shoes to give you utmost and much needed comfort.


Kiwi Select Universal Shoe Stretch
This shoe stretch is a must have for you because it works brilliantly but gently on different types of shoes; from leather to suede, nubuc and reptile skin as well. What’s more, it doesn’t require you to take a great deal of effort to get desired results. You simply spray a small amount of this product from the can on both sides of your shoes. You can put them on almost immediately and let this stretching product work its magic. Within a few hours it will have stretched your shoes just the way you’d have liked them to.

Tight seem binding is another problem with many shoes, which can lead to a great deal of discomfort to wearers. But this stretching product also offers you a solution for this nagging problem. Now you can ensure that you can get that desired level of comfort after using this product. While Kiwi Select Universal Shoe Stretch works wonders for your shoes it also ensures that they don’t get affected either. Your expensive shoes will not get stained or affected negatively in any possible way when you use this stretching product, which is your way to stretch shoes quickly and effectively.

Pros of Kiwi Select Universal Shoe Stretch
Several types of shoes like gladiator sandals for example can be a cause of discomfort and lead to swelling of feet, if you don’t manage to get them into your sandals comfortably. But once you use this stretch, your sandals will offer you desired comfort, so much so that you can wear socks on your feet and move about comfortably. The same is true for shoes, with zippers, which can be a complete nightmare to wear. What’s worse is the zipper pops and ruins your shoes. But thanks to the stretch, zippered shoes won’t be a problem anymore.

When you use a product on your new pair of shoes, you are rightly concerned about them getting ruined. But this shoe stretch works miraculously without staining your shoes. The results are the same on different kinds of shoes, be it leather ones or suede ones. The smart reptile print shoes or cowboy boots also don’t get affected when you use this shoe stretch.

One of the biggest advantages of using this product is that you cut down the stretching time drastically. You simply spray it on your shoes and walk around wearing them; they will get stretched before you know it. It’s a reasonably priced product that is great value for your money.

Cons of Kiwi Select Universal Shoe Stretch
One of the biggest issues with this product is that you just cannot get the spray can inside your shoes. How else are you supposed to spray your shoes with it? This is a huge let down, and if you somehow managed to get some of the product sprayed on to your shoes, it doesn’t make any difference. Shoes don’t stretch at all, even if you wait for hours to let it dry.

It doesn’t always work on first application and you might have to persist for a couple of times for the results to show. But then the results are not any different than ones you get using regular boot stretchers. At least in the case of the latter, you don’t have to take the risk of ruining your shoes by using a product on it.

Nowhere on the package does it say that this product works only on leather and other such materials. What about vegans who don’t like buying these shoes? If you prefer buying shoes made out of man-made material, this product is completely useless for you. Wish the manufacturers were more forthcoming about it by giving us complete information about what type of shoe materials this product cannot be used on.



What do I get?
You can buy Kiwi Select Universal Shoe Stretch for an incredible price of $5.25 at



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