JML Paint Sprayer Elite Review

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Do you dread the thought of painting your home? Does the thought of all the resultant mess, paint spills and drips horrify you? Painting on your own, can be a messy and tedious job which can actually spoil the look of your house, instead of enhancing it! You can now take that load off your mind and look forward to doing a great paint job, because the amazing JML Paint Sprayer Elite is here for you!


JML Paint Sprayer Elite
With this new and advanced version you will find painting your home so easy, that you will wonder what all the fuss is about! The JML Paint Sprayer Elite has a sleek, compact one piece design that not only helps you get that painting job done, but it also helps you to get the perfect paint finish, easily and quickly. It is great for all your painting needs, whether it be outdoors or indoors.

Get the interior of your house as well as the exterior painted in no time at all! You can now comfortably use the JML Paint Sprayer Elite to paint not only the larger surfaces, but also smaller surfaces. You can smoothly paint the intricate details as well as those hard to reach places, with complete ease and no fuss. The JML Paint Sprayer Elite has the revolutionary 360° degree spray technology that helps in providing greater coverage for your paint, with no messy spills and drips.

It has three spray settings with a multi directional nozzle that will cover all your needs, without requiring pumping! You can also set the Paint Sprayer to spray horizontally or vertically, according to the surface you want painted. The Paint Sprayer also has a great precision setting, so that now you can paint the hard to reach places.

The JML Paint Sprayer Elite holds upto 800ml of paint that is sufficient for a 7 square metres area. Storing is easy with the convenient hook that’s provided. The JML Paint Sprayer Elite is so versatile that you can use Varnish , Acrylic paint, Wood primer and undercoat, Radiator paint, Bug clear pesticide, Timbercare, Decking cleaner and restorer, Quick dry all purpose primer and undercoat, Vinyl matt paint and Colron Danish oil. Give your home the professional home decorating look with the handy JML Paint Sprayer Elite and amaze your family and friends!



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5 thoughts on “JML Paint Sprayer Elite Review

  1. Just received my JML paint sprayer after a long delay (out of stock). well worth the wait, this is a excellent product easy to use and clean.A 8ft x6ft fence panel only taken 2 mins to paint. Only fault the plastic paint cup could be made out of clear plastic instead of white plastic, you would be able to see how much paint is left in the container.

  2. What is the weight of the product?

    How is it powered?

    Do we have the option of batteries?

    What material is it made up of?

    Does it come in a range of colors?

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