Insta Caulk Review

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An important element that gives you the finishing touch you want to your household hardware work is caulking, which is one of those things that is really minute but plays a great deal of importance. The Insta Caulk is a great value addition to your home and comes in handy for a variety of any household use. The magnificently thought of Insta Caulk is a peel and stick caulk strip that comes with a SilTak silicone adhesive tape.

How does Insta Caulk Work

A simple and great idea that has been brought to life is this revolutionary adhesive tape that showcases heavy duty strength and it also sticks to all silicone material that comes in handy as well. A reliable and smart bet the Insta Caulk is suitable for bathtubs, showers, sinks, countertops, toilet bases and can be used as a solution for many such requirements. Also with its proprietary adhesive tape you no longer have to worry about sticking the old adhesive on your project. With the ground-breaking features of the Insta Caulk you will be able to cover cracks and seams on bathtubs, showers, countertop and plumbing fixtures.

Insta Caulk strips are a PVC extrusion that comes in pre-packaged bathtub/shower trim kits, countertop trim kits and toilet base trim kits. This customisation helps you to use the right kit for the right purpose also it works great for wall corners, sinks, urinals, toilet bases or any other 90 degree application. Keeping the aesthetics of an interior in place is the first thing that comes to mind when you are doing some hardware or interior work and keeping in mind the look and feel is this smart and reliable Insta Caulk which is available in a series of colours.

The Insta Caulk covers the range of basic colours such as White, Silver Gray, Almond, and Beige and also gives you an option to avail custom colours on your request making sure that you find what you’re looking out for. When used it provides you with an attractive, easy to clean and a long term solution to your bathtubs, showers, sinks, countertops and other hardware.



What do I get?
Get the 10 foot long Countertop Trim Kit for just $12.95. Available in Black, Stainless Grey, White, Bisque and Taupe.

Get the 10 foot long Bathtub And Shower Trim Kit for just $12.95. Available in White and Almond.

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3 thoughts on “Insta Caulk Review

  1. Wonderful product that actually works. Unlike the current caulk strip products that are sold in stores that are worthless junk. I was impressed by the high quality and the wings they use on there design actually adds a 2nd layer of protection from moisture. I give it a 5 star!

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