Half Time Drill Driver Review

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Do your home projects take forever? Time is money. Switching back and forth between drill bits and driver heads takes even longer. Stop wasting time. Well, now’s the time for the Half Time drill driver – the innovative new way to drill, flip, and drive in only 5 seconds. You will never have to change a bit in the middle of a job again.


How does Half Time Drill Driver work?
Half Time works with the tools that you already have making them better than before. Just select two different sized bits, drill your hole, flip the pivot on and drive in any screw, nut, or fastener. It takes the hard work out of any job. You can go from drilling to driving, Phillips to flat, any combination to any task. Avoid split wood. A counter sink can create recessed pilot holes for professionally finished results.

Half Time is perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers, contractors, and even first time fixers. Save money. The breakthrough is our patent pending swivel head that flips and locks, giving you precision performance from drilling to driving in seconds.

Even time consuming projects that normally take days to build can be completed in half the time. Changing those bits on ladders can be difficult and dangerous. With Half Time it is so easy; you just flip and never drop a bit.

Can the As Seen on TV Half Time Drill Driver really save you time during your projects? Wonder if this could be a great solution to all our fix-it needs!

We all have some or the other home projects to take forth? Time is money, and switching back and forth between drill bits and driver heads takes even longer! But it is time we value the effort hours and assess the monetary gain in losing time!

The Half Time Drill Driver is a super revolutionary and highly innovative new way to drill, flip, and drive in only five seconds! One will never have to change a bit in the middle of a job again.

Half Time works with the tools you already have, making them better than before. Just select two different size bits, drill your pilot hole, flip the pivot arm, and then drive in any screw, nut, or fastener. It takes the hard work out of any job. You can go from drilling to driving, Phillips to flat, any combination for any task.

The mighty 8X Phillips Head Adapters and 8X Flat Head adapters make the drilling, driving as easy as cutting a piece of cake.

Half Time is a super tool that comes much handy for DIY projects, professional contractors and first time users.

Half Time is perfect for do-it-yourselves, contractors, even first time fixer-uppers save money. The breakthrough is our patent pending swivel head that flips and locks, giving you precision performance, from drilling to driving, in seconds! Time consuming projects that can take days to build can be completed in half the time. Changing bits on a ladder can be difficult and dangerous. With Half Time, it’s so easy. You just flip, and never drop a bit.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.HalfTimeDrillDriver.com)
Half Time Drill Driver Body

  • 4 Phillips Head Adapters
  • 4 Flat Head Adapters
  • 4 Drill Bits
  • 4 Hex Adapters
  • 4 Star Head Adapters
  • 4 Square Head Adapters
  • Durable Carrying Case



Reviews and Complaints
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Half Time Drill Driver Video
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37 thoughts on “Half Time Drill Driver Review

  1. Received for Xmas. Seemed like a good idea but I see a lot of folks say they have worn out the bits. I can’t even get that far because the collar won’t stay put so unless I’m drilling at a downward angle the collar slips down and everything goes wonky. Gave up on it.

  2. This product is a total piece of junk. It’s off balance, the bits are made of soft metal that strip. The colets are cheap and don’t hold the bits.

  3. Since in am in the construction business from some years I was awed with the advertisement of Half-Time Drill Driver. This product somehow grabbed my attention and I decided to check some user reviews and if satisfied than purchase it right away. I searched the internet with “Reviews for Half-Time Drill Driver” keywords and the site returned with a list of site which claimed to have what I require. The sites I visited from the top list included halftimedrilldriverreview.com, drilldriverreview.com, halftimedrill.net, tvinfomercialproducts.org and amazingproducts.tv. These sites had amazing reviews about the product and all seem to sound very similar. Also, the site carried links to sell the product everywhere on it. Immediately I realized that these sites may be some kind of fake reviews website just to fool people like me into buying the product. After some more search I finally found this website. This website is absolutely amazing because here I feel that a genuine user has written the review and I am thankful for the time taken to put it up.

    • There is a trick using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in which the sites such as linked above fool the search engine into thinking that they are genuine. Instead these sponsored websites give wrong information to even sell a crappy product. Such malpractices are increasing by the day. Hope the review on this site has helped to make a decision regarding the product.

  4. SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA. I tried to order one but got two.It is made of very low quality ,the bits and driver fall out easily.Product is I feel too heavy for a drill to hold very long. It could be the worst product I have purchased.

    R.W. grandwiew mo.

  5. Might I suggest when dealing with ANY online scammers like this, when calling customer service, tell them if you not satisfied with a full refund that you will be contacting your state’s attorney general to make a complaint of fraud. This will get some results in a hurry 99% of the time.

  6. I am having a problem with my Half Time Drill Driver. One side will accept the bits or drill and the other side will not. Very frustrating as now I am back relying on two drills again – one to drill and one to set the screws. Where can I get some help with this?

  7. if you people were smart, dont bye stuff online and wait till it goes to store. I got mine today at Kinney drug store it works great.

  8. Half Time Drill Driver’s ordering is very misleading. It’s hard to understand. Before you know it, quantity has been changed from 1 to 2 and you can’t edit it. An order of 1 is for two tools, but when you check out it is for 2 which equals 4 tools and there is no way to change it. I’ve called customer service and was told to wait an hour for the order to appear. I plan to call later to cancel entire order because I don’t want to deal with these people.


  10. Got ripped off too have not received yet ordered this evening called could not cancel. Could not open this box until ripped off.

  11. Site advertises a Half Time drill set for $19.75 plus $7.95 P&H. When you put in order, site says “Buy 1 set, get additional set for additional $7.95 P&H.” After I put in my credit card info there was no “cart” to verify order or edit contents of cart and a screen appears that says my credit card has been charged $107.55. There is no way to contact company online or by phone , only by mail. The next day, after order has been supposedly “shipped” already there is a “customer support “phone number that says, basically,they are only a distribution center and there is no way to cancel order, just return it for refund at my own expense, without refunding the $47.70 P&H charge. False advertising, fraudulent billing practices, and inability to contact company directly= scam.

  12. The Half Time Drill Driver is definitely a piece of junk. I wasn’t given the option of just buying one, I had to get the second “free” one. It worked on the first try but most of the pieces have broken by the second use. Stay away from this, it wouldn’t be worth the money if both were free.

  13. I placed my order for ONE Half Time Drill Driver for $19.95 as advertise and asked for a second one for an additional shipping and handling fee of $7.95. When I saw the total was $91.70 and already charged to my credit card, I called to cancel my order the next day,and was told it was already shipped, and then was told to return them when I receive them and my money will be reimbursed…We will see!!!

    Rich Long

    • Try calling the bank and refusing the charge due to fraud. Some banks may charge a stop payment charge (mine did not) but they did the same thing to me changing the quanity of the product from 1 to 2 and even though I didn’t continue. I used the back button to correct the quanity to 1 and guess what, I got 2 order conformations with different order numbers on them. one for the 2 at $91.00 and change, the other for the 1 at $45.00 and change. Both were refused at the bank.

  14. Site says 2-3 weeks for delivery – when you order (and are overcharged) it says 6-8 weeks. Expect over 2 months before you receive. If you decide to get anything extra, don’t expect it to be in stock. DO NOT order as a last minute gift. DO NOT expect a quality product. DO NOT expect “free” second set. In retrospect, reading reviews ahead of time would have saved me money, time, and disappointment.

  15. I’ve been ripped off twice with these internet ordering scheme. First was when I ordered flowers for valentine’s day. There was no chance to see what your order plus shipping/handling would total. After giving my card details, everything went thru and to my surprise 2 doz roses for $24.95 totaled $60.00 because of “express” shipping. There was no way for me to cancel. Another was when I ordered a DVD to “Lost Horizon” musical. Paid $35.00 for the DVD plus the usual add-ons. Nothing arrived, they didn’t have a way for me to communicate back to them. There should be a govt or website safeguard to protect us consumers. Those outfits bilk us of millions daily and there are innocent ones added daily.

  16. Stay away from the Half Time Drill Driver. They say you get the second one free but you pay another S&H charge for it. Most BOGO junk you see on TV is like that. Watch out for it.

    I have another item that works a lot better. It’s called a “Quad-Driver” by Makita. (Part N. 784822-A)
    Granted, it’s around $35 but I’ve had mine for years and I use it a lot.

  17. I called and cancelled this Half Time Drill Driver order within ten minutes of ordering. Agent said order had already been shipped. (In 10 minutes ?) Instructed me to return order unopened. Received order in 4 days following. Returned order UNOPENED on the same day it was received. CREDIT CARD WAS BILLED $86.70. 11 DAYS LATER A CREDIT WAS ISSUED FOR $54.90. Credit was $31.80 less than originally charged. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY !

  18. This Half Time Drill Driver is a piece of crap, to put it mildly. The Half Time is a good idea but it needs to go back to the drawing board. I’m sending mine back. Do not buy one of these.

  19. Drill bits are absolutely too small in diameter for real work. tiny bits are for little jobs and are really useless. Only use is put a regular screwdriver blase in one end and a phillips in the other end. a 1/4 bit at the very least>

  20. I received my 2 drill drivers, but am very unhappy with the quality of the drill bits. There is an Allen wrench to adjust the length of the bits, but it strips immediately and then the bit is useless.

  21. Very poor quality. Alan wrench and bits wore down after only one use. Can only drill 1/2″ deep hole and still use as intended.

  22. Suggest you wait until Walmart offer it for sell. You will pay $19.99 FOR ONE Halftime Driver. Shouldn’t be long now.

  23. As I stated 7/10/11 I was going to contact customer service today. I called them to cancel my order. I was told they don’t have my information.

    I asked why I was billed $31.80 for shipping…response was: When you buy 1 you automatically get 2. (Your invoice says: HALF TIME DRILL DRIVER BOGO SET) if I put 2 in the quantity space that means I would get 2 I paid for and 2 free drill drivers…& that’s why the $31.80 shipping…you see BOGO means buy 1, get 1 free. I watched the YouTube again & nothing is said buy one get 1 free plus shipping. They told me that the items are packaged with 2 drill drivers always…so you don’t even get a choice of just buying 1. I was also told it says that on the web site…If it’s there I didn’t see it; I only saw it on the invoice (which you can’t review before buying) what a crock!!! I was told to call back later today or call tomorrow…because after all…phone lines are open until 10:00pm EST.
    Question: did anyone receive their order? If you were charged $31.80 for shipping, then you should have received 4 drill drivers.
    I check Amazon yesterday. The had a picture of the item, but said not in stock and don’t know if or when they might get more…today I checked again and now there isn’t anything on their site about the item.

  24. I tried to order 2 Half Time Drill Driver sets today 7/10/11. The shipping was supposed to be $7.95 each for a total of $15.90. Like someone said you don’t see the invoice until the end. At that point you have ordered the product without even having to click “submit” or “order”. When you get to the page to see the dollar amounts, the order is DONE!!!
    I did find a customer service phone number: 1 866 343 2294 they are open Mon-Fri from 8:30am to 10:00pm. EST.
    The following phone number is also cust. service. 1 866 518 6139 That number, someone else put on this web page. I will be calling early on Mon. morning and also contacting the credit card company.

    • Thank you Connie, for posting the number I too am calling to cancel my order in the morning as I was over charged and am not into being scammed!!! 😉

    • I would also suggest that you contact your state Attorney Generals office. This is a scam and considered internet fraud.

  25. I also tried to buy ONE of these and get ONE free, I ended up ordering 2 sets without knowing it and got charged $31.80 Shipping & Handling. The Half Time Drill Driver website ordering is very sneaky and confusing. You can’t confirm or review your order before purchasing. I cancelled my order immediately the next day.

  26. Was not able to see invoice until order was posted. I ordered only 1 set, but they doubled the P&H. Canceled order immediately.

  27. I ordered the Halftime Driver off the website that was on tv on 12-4-2010 and here it is 1-05-2011 and still haven`t heard anything from them . My order confirmatin.# is 3495542 ordered 2 of them. Tried to follow-up on http://www.customerstatus.com and it comes up blank. Has no phone number to call on its site or anywhere to reply to.they sent me my confirmation. # 3495542 and haven`t heard from them since. Would like a response back and the two drivers I ordered with my visa. Getting a little bit avergated at this.

    Thanks Randy Johnson

    • I am in same boat, customer service # for half time is 18665186139 from 8:30 am -10:00 pm EST, maybe this will help.

    • Still haven’t received my Halftime Driver sets as ordered on 12-4-10 and here it is 2-11-11. Not a reliable company. They should not sell these if they can`t deliver them on time. I’m a very dissatisfied customer. No telephone number to contact them and no customer service.

      Randy Johnson

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